Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Heart of my Children

This time last year Big Sister wanted to raise money for families in need.  So we put our heads together and decided to have a bake sale.  She made cookies and hot cocoa and sold them to my clients that week.  We donated the money to a local food pantry and she was so excited for the families.

So over Thanksgiving vacation she started brainstorming and wanted to do cookies again.  But this year she wanted to buy farm animals from World Vision with the money.

  She and Little Sister have been making cookies each week and giving my clients the sales pitch ( who can turn down kids who are excited about helping others ).

  When each day is over they can't wait to count the money and plan what combination of animals they can buy. 

So far the have raised $57.  They have one more day to go, so I will update you with the final total and what animals they choose.

Doesn't it just touch your heart when kids want to give and not just take.  How do your kids give back?

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Emily Dawn said...

I love World Vison and Hefer International. Both are great organizations. I believe there is a flock of chickens somewhere with my name on them because of a Christmas present from my sister. I also love that you cultivate this in your family and your girls!

Beck said...

Your girls are beautiful, and I LOVE your blog(: Just wanted to say hi, and have a wonderful Christmas!

cynthia said...

love this...and who could deny a little one doing good for others?

beautiful girls! and that green cabinet is to die that yours? LOVE IT!

hope you have a wonderful Christmas! i emailed you too!

take care


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