Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving in the Camper

Thanksgiving at Moccasin Creek State Park in North Georgia

It is a small park and the girls could ride bikes around and around the circle without us, they felt very independent.  The views are amazing, looking out over the creek and the lake.

The girls begged to go fishing.  So their sweet Daddy took them.

Here fishy, fishy

Unfortunately they didn't get any fish!

Since there is no fish to eat, I guess we will have TURKEY!

We ate homemade mac and cheese, stuffing

roasted garlic mashed potatoes, herb cranberry green bean, turnip greens

and crescent rolls.  We were roughing it (ha!).  We ate until our stomachs hurt and we were miserable.

So miserable we decided to go on a hike

It was a very windy, cold and overcast day.

Sit Relax and Read

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nikki said...

Campsite looks beautiful!!


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