Friday, December 11, 2009


Not really but this is the closest we have ever been!  We are on BAKERELLA'S blog (read about how I met Bakerella).  Do you know who BAKERELLA is--she is only the most talented cake pop (cake on a stick) bakers ever.  Her creations bring a smile to my face.  She also bakes other things, and yesterday she made some cookies that belong in my kitchen.

 Go check them out here and tell me they wouldn't look great under this!

  I'll have to give them a try.  Oh, did you know she is also kind enough to tell you how to recreate her work.  Isn't she SWELL.


Sit Relax and Read


Jess B said...

I love those cupcake cookies. If I had a cupcake cookie cutter, that would be on my to do list for the day, too!

(Found you from Bakerella!)

Vanessa said...

Hi Cha Cha! I like your kitchen! You need to post some pics of it! Is it brown on the bottom, or a black? I am thinking of painting my top cabinets cream and bottom black...both distressed. Would love to see more of it! Thanks for stopping by! Vanessa


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