Monday, January 4, 2010


So here I am in my little corner of the world cleaning house today and I keep getting all these messages. I am busy so I have been ignoring them, but really it was getting crazy so I gave in and started checking.  Well it seems like Little O' Me just got a blog shout out from the blogger extraordiniare The Pioneer Woman.  She finally decided she could put us sassy Georgia girls into words and did a post about us.  I am bummed that she didn't put a picture of Wetsey and I in our supper cool shirts on there, but I guess I can forgive her.  So this means in my month of bloging I have made it on three of my favorite bloggers sites.  Bakerella talked about how cute Wetsy and I were, The Nester said my kitchen was beautiful and now The Pioneer Woman. I will be expecting the rest of you Super Bloggers to go ahead and start talking about me ( hahaha).  I do so appreciate all the love and encouragement here in bloggyland.

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Nancy said...

Wow! Good for you! If they mentioned ya, it would be for a good reason!!!


Crafty Mamma said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You are doing so great in your month of blogging here in "Bloggyland." ;)

Prior said...

I'm just browsing around and enjoyed your blog. Lezlee

this blessed nest said...

that was YOU??!! now, you really deserve the name CHA CHA! :)

when i first saw bakerella's post about pw book signing - and saw the 2 cute ladies in their custom made pw front/bakerella shirt...i thought to myself, now that's a crafty cute sassy way to show some LOVE! and it was YOU!!! see, it's meant to be for us to be friends. wow!
and how fun was that to have some shout-outs from 3 big bloggers!!!

take care!

Sandy said...

Thanks for stopping by, great job on your blog. Stop by again soon.

cynthia said...

and that's exactly how i found ya!
not to mention remembering the shirts...evidently a brillant idea!
(you were not that far ahead of me and my mom)


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