Friday, February 19, 2010

So, I do not have anything finished to post today.  I was hoping to have Little Sisters bed completed, but have been having too much fun doing other stuff.  Sweet Hubby has had the week off and we have been playing as a family.  We played in the snow.  We took the girls to Chuck e Cheese, which Sweet Hubby has decided maybe a level of _ _ _ _, if there are levels.  Nothing like discussing theology in a over crowded, over stimulating "restaurant".  We saw the movie Tooth Fairy.  It is very cute, but can put doubts in a tooth fairy believers head, so be warned.  They also skirt around the boyfriend girlfriend sleepover, that is so not needed.  Yesterday we went and drooled over newer, bigger travel trailers, we hope to upgrade in a year or two.  Today we also have some fun planned and I hope to have picture to share.  I say all of this to excuse myself from getting any work done. Next Friday i will


I hope you will check back and find out what it is.  I am very excited about it, and think we will all have fun.
Hope you all have a fun weekend.

Cha Cha


Best Life said...

What? What? Tell us NOW! (hee-hee) Lisa~

Me said...

Isn't it nice just to hang at home with the husband? My husband had a week off earlier this month and it was so relaxing and fun!!

this blessed nest said...

i'm so glad that you all have had a good week together! sounds like a variety of things were done. it is amazing how deep conversions about life happen at a public place or a resturant. so far, my most memorable (that i wish i could forget) happened at a ryan's steak house. several years ago - during a big snow storm that came through town...not that you wanted to know all that.

ok, now our husbands are starting to sound alike as well. travel trailers...immediate drool from my husband when a nice shining one passes us on the interstate.:)
have a lovely weekend.


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