Sunday, April 25, 2010

21-30 one thousand gifts

21. time alone

22. time alone to worship my Father

23.  being 1 of 9000

24.  getting to see a new friend in real life

Me and Ellen from The Hairbow Chronicles

25.  Beth Moore

26.   a sweet husband to take me and pick me up

27.  planting new life

28.  the idea of fresh vegetables

29.  buckets left from when this was a real farm

30.  a family that missed me

I had an amazing weekend, hope you enjoyed yours.  Beth moore was amazing, I wish you all could have been there.

Cha Cha


Between You and Me said...

love looking at your weekend...

l.o.v.e. Beth Moore.

and LOVE that picture of you with your friend, ellen. You are absolutely beautiful, Cha-Cha!!!

Cha Cha said...

Tara, I'm blushing, it was the glow of Being with God.

Magic Brush said...

OMGosh... how I love Beth Moore! You both look stunning!!!! Was she as good in person as she is on the videos????

Check out my post from today. It's a woman rapping about giving your life to Christ. Not many people enjoyed it (based on the few comments I got)... but you would like it I bet!


Megan said...

You are too cute! What a great weekend! I love Beth Moore! What a treat to see her in real life! Have a great week!

Woodard Gang said...

Love Beth Moore too! Sounds like an amazing weekend :)

Ellen Grant said...

Yay! Beth was great! I am so glad I went...give me a holla when you make it to Nashville =)


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