Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I know, I know, I know

I said I wasn't going to be writing any post, well you might as well know that I am ADHD that way.  But the truth is my husband learned to drive a tractor (insert country song, you know the one) tonight and I didn't want to forget this day and I thought his momma might like to see these pictures

Yes, we have a gravel driveway so be prepared that if you ever come visit, I am waaaay out in the middle of no where.

                                                                              Cha Cha


this blessed nest said...


so fun! i never know what to expect when i come to your blog, but as always i adore every post.

you know, now your hubby can ride with the "best of them!" ;)

we have a few around here (the farm) too! i know the girls were probably wanting to ride as well!

have fun this week.

Nancy said...

Hey, I live in the middle of nowhere, too except we live in town. But it's still a small secluded area! Good for your man! Glad you caught it on camera!


Lucky Larson's said...

I too--live on "Main Street" (litterally) in the middle of no where---I am odd because I DON'T know how to drive a tractor (nor can I tell a tractor from a combine.

Thank for bringing me a smile with your posts!

Jemsmom said...

That is awesome!!! I grew up on a tractor! I used to rake hay for my dad. My parents still have a gravel drive and my dad goes out to scrape it down and fill with new gravel. I just love being out in the country at my parents. That is just home to me. Good for you husband! Now think of lots of jobs for him to do where he can drive the tractor! That'll make him happy!

Between You and Me said...

a man and his tractor. and a gravel driveway. pure awesomeness. i'm SURE his momma is grateful to see these pictures.

EM said...

What a beautiful place.
My hubby likes to go out and move dirt around too. He bought a back hoe 2 years ago and has been in his glory digging in the dirt and fixing the engine. Though I tease him I really do think his "tractor's sexy!!!" ha ha.
Enjoying getting to know you.

Ellen Grant said...

THAT is too much. What is he going to do on said tractor? Is it just for fun? =)

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

haha, love it! My husband got his first lawn tractor this weekend as well and he made sure to remind me of that song.

You're not alone, we have a gravel driveway too. Lovely, isn't it?

-Ann Marie


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