Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So today's random post is the first of what I am sure will be many to come in the future.  I have a few things to toss out there and no picture's or interesting stories to go with it, so hang in there with me and I will spill out all the info.

1.  I will be MIA most of the time for the next few weeks, as I finish up the girls school year.
     -this means very few post, if any
     -most likely no new craft projects, might post about a few that I have already finish
     -no time to visit other blogs, so if you see something or do something that you know I need to see email
       me please!!!!!! I need some one to be my eyes and ears.
     -If you see something of mine floating around at someone else's blog let me know so I can thank them
     -If you have featured me and not gotten a thank you please forgive me
      -and last I will not have time to comment on blogs, just know that I love all that you do

2.  Thank you to Remodelaholic for featuring my kitchen, what a nice surprise.

3.  Thank you to Kellie for letting me know that I was featured, remeber I am MIA

4.  Congrats to Kellie for having her amazing Craft Room featured at Remodelaholic and The inspired Room

okay, I lied about no pictures, but let's face it you would have been mad if I didn't show you these pretties.

   -okay so I have been so MIA I missed the fact that blogger changed the way you load in pictures, I think I
     may like it.

5.   #5 is the one that makes me most sad, there will be no Fridays with Friends this week or this  summer,
     I had to be honest with myself and I know that being on the computer this summer is not what I want to
     do, I love the outdoors and to play, so please forgive me.  I will start it back up in the fall, and I may
     randomly pick people out and do a little feature on them this summer, but not a question and answer thing

Okay, I think that is all that I have

Cha Cha


The Pennington Point said...

Good for you girlfriend! We won't worry. You'll be back. You can't live without us. LOL! Lisa~

Nancy said...

Hey! I totally understand! You sure will be missed! Stop back when you can and enjoy the time with your girls, hubby and rest of your family. Oh, and I saw the picture from your last post and you are such a pretty lady! You take good pictures. You take care!


Megan said...

Hey Cha Cha! I remembered that I didn't answer your question about the tea towel in my laundry room - it's from Anthro and I paid an embarassing $25 for it. For shame! I love your blog and will miss your posts, but so respect that you have bigger things to do! We'll all be here when you get back at it! Have a great summer!

this blessed nest said...

listen here, sister!!!!

you are SWEET as can be to post this! thank you. seriously funny tho ~ that you & i showed up at remodelaholic without each other knowing. i love that.
needless, to say i am squealing over the inspired room's post. she was one of the very first i started watching/reading. i think her, cousin maegan, & sibi was my daily reads and that was it. so funny how now i have so many daily reads that i can NEVER get to!

which leads me to your summer...
i totally can relate! i think my posts will be rainy day posts or as i most often do, a midnight post. especially when chief is working. spring/summer i just love. i want to do (as much as we can) during these months especially with Graham. i hope you all enjoy it to the fullest!!!
i know you & your sweet comments will be missed all over blogland. luckily for me ~ i have a few ways of finding you!!!

much love sent your way!
i know i get to see you soon!
can't wait.

EM said...

good for you Cha Cha. You're keeping your priorities in order and being a good example to me (who should be doing the same) I've got a serious addiction to blogging, let me tell you. Thanks for leading the way to responsibility.

Kim said...

You'll be missed, enjoy your time.


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