Monday, April 12, 2010


Tara at Between You & Me has come up with the coolest idea.  She is having a weekend wrap up party and I am so excited to join in. 

We were on Spring Break this past week.  We did not go any where because we had to many things on our TO DO LIST.
We did promise the girls that they could plan everything we would do on one of the days.  So this is what they came up with, keep in mind that it was raining on the day.

I made homemade popcorn, which is their favorite snack.  Do you ever make your popcorn homemade?  Growing up my dad and I would try to out do each other, to see who could make the best,  popcorn was a Sunday night ritual.  Many Sundays nights you can find the four of us and my parents eating popcorn together, some things are worth passing down.

We played games and watched movies most of the day.  To get out some energy we had hula-hoop contest in the middle of the family room floor.  So far Big Sister and I are neck and neck but Little Sister is quickly catching up with us. 

So that was our day.

This is the inside of my popcorn bowl.  By the way this is the same popcorn bowl we ate out of when I was growing up, maybe one day one of the girls will make their family homemade popcorn and serve it in this bowl.

Cha Cha


Between You and Me said...

Cha Cha...thanks for linking up!!!! I love your pictures....can you believe that I've never made homemade popcorn with my kids?????

I'd have to google how to do it... How sad!!!!

I love the tradition that you're passing down to your girls, who are both beautiful by the way, and I love your popcorn bowl!!!

Rene said...

Those are great images Cha Cha! We love homemade popcorn around here too!

The Pennington Point said...

That's a Friday night ritual at my house. I love the pictures. What a great day for the girls. Now back to the old grindstone I guess. Lisa~

this blessed nest said...

everytime i see items from your kitchen - i want to snatch everyone of the up! i have container & kitchen gadgets envy. i like how your girls planned the day. looks like fun times to me.
i was NEVER good at the hula hoop. even tho my hips are definitely big enough to keep it up there around my waist.

i need to do a wknd recap to link up too! my eyes went crossed last night. i was trying to do 3 posts...but no luck.
have a super day!

Kalleen said...

Girl you have been busy. Your special day looked like a good one. Congrats on your Stunning mantle. HGTV had it right. You totally deserved that one. I also love your Shirt redo. I liked to first one but I loved the final result. You know how I love refashioned clothing.

Megan said...

Hi Cha Cha! I'm so happy to meet you! Thanks for coming over to visit my blog and leaving such sweet comments! I am new to the blogging world and have been amazed at the friendly, wonderful people out there {like you and Tara} in blogland! I am excited to find your blog and can't wait to sit, relax and read...such a cute name!

Kim said...

It looks like you had fun. My kids are on break this week. You should come and enter my giveaway, I think I have less than 10 names at this point, so your odds are really good :).

tara said...

what a wonderful way to spend the day, i know my punk would love homemade popcorm and movies!!! Thank you so much for coming back to me, lol...and nice to meet you cha cha!! Happy Tuesday!

Patricia said...

How fun was that?
You are such an awesome Mom!

Ellen Grant said...

i LOVE home made popcorn! and BTW, your mantle? That is just so awesome!


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