Sunday, May 16, 2010


So where did I leave off, oh yes thats right

We pulled our exhausted children out of bed,

brushed their hair and teeth,

slid dresses over their heads took them to early service at church.

The poor things actually even paid attention, such good girls.

10.  Dress rehearsal for dance recital

11.  cleaned and decorated my moms screened in porch for Mother's Day  (post on this coming soon)

12.  made new friends

this is George, we had him in the basement bath tub all day

but remember I said friends not friend

Do you see her?  The cute little slug that is along for the ride, we couldn't believe it when we found George with Sally the Slug on top.

Sadly, mommy made the girls return our friends back to the wild, this did not make me popular.

13.  filled up on Mexican Food before dance recital

14.  finished getting ready

15.  danced perfectly

16.  put our beautiful flowers in water

17.  slept

18.  got up early packed up the car

19.  headed out the door for a road trip

                                stay tuned to find out where we went,  why we went, and when we went

                                                                                         Cha Cha


this blessed nest said...

look at your beautiful girls! i can only imagine what it was like sitting watching those beauties perform! they both look like you, but especially little sister. spitting image. i know you'll be glad to have a break from all the activities. nothing like the ease of summer.

p.s. sometimes i'm the mean mommy too. especially when it comes to several legged friends. ewww!

take care!

Miss Jan said...

That new camera rocks!!!

Cha Cha said...

Miss Jan you know it does, you need to log on to facebook and check out you girls.

April said...

Your girl's are beautiful little stars! Can't wait to see where your road trip took you.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Clearly the best dancers at the recital were yours!

Patricia said...

Oh wow! You are so busy!
I LOVE the "friends" so much!
What an adorable pic!
I hope wherever you were/are you are having FUN!
Your family pic is awesome! That camera rocks of course when the subject matter is beautiful the camera just captures it!


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