Thursday, May 27, 2010


If you didn't read yesterdays post go do it now or this will leave you LOST.

When hubby got home yesterday I had him read Ann's post, which is amazing because he is a man of numbers not words, and that post was long (for him) and she is deep, so you already know he must really love me.

Then I clicked him over to my post and had him read it, poor guy, any more reading and he would have ran away.

At the end of my post there was a small tear in his eye and a heart felt word which was quickly overshadowed by him saying.........


Our box has new new home under my bedside table.

Cha Cha

P.S. Thank you letting me share this other side of myself, the comments, and emails have been so encouraging and thoughtful.  This was a hard side to share so openly.


The Pennington Point said...

How sweet. All of that reading would have put my husband to sleep before he saw the dollar. LOL! It was a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing the rest of the story. Lisa~

Maine Mummy said...

Sounds like something my husband would say, and after six years of marriage I am now shopping for a box!

Kat said...

I love this. It made me cry. Sometimes it's the simplest of gestures that mean the most in life!

this blessed nest said...

how about your hubby!

love that there is a dollar in the box! ;)
sweet beautiful inside & out cha cha! i just adore your honesty. love the new home for your box.

happy holiday weekend!


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