Friday, May 28, 2010


I am working on Big Sister's (my oldest daughter) bedroom,

We got started on it this past fall

and then ran out of time and energy,

so the goal is to focus only on her room until it is finished.

I am easily sidetrack so pray that I find a way to stay on task and make a Tween age girls dream come true

Much decluttering will be done

Bed skirts will be made along with pillows.

The floor will be swept....maybe

I made these drapes last fall you can read about them here

and this closet, oh are there enough words for what this closet needs,

hopeful we can wade through and do something with it.

I will be sharing soon

Cha Cha


Kim said...

How fun, it looks like you have a good direction to go in. I can't wait to see what you do :).

Nancy said...

I can see the possibilities with this room and I know it's going to turn out great! It'll be so much fun redecorating it and it'll be so much fun for your girl to get a "new" room!


this blessed nest said...

how did i miss this post?

ok. since i just commented on the above post - are you painting this room as well?
this will be so fun! i already love her bed, dresser, & armoire. exciting to see what you will do. the curtains are beautiful, btw.

good luck. i know it will be great.


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