Thursday, June 17, 2010


I wanted to show you lovelies my new favorite shirt.

This was last years favorite shirt, but when I pulled it out this year I was bored with it.

and I had this shirt that I never wore, I loved the colors but the bottom half was WAY sheer, not my style.

so I go busy making these two shirts into this one

and now last years favorite shirt is also this years

favorite shirt.

Cha Cha


The Pennington Point said...

Do I remember you doing something similar to another shirt? I keep thinking about doing this to a couple of last year's ops just to update them. Yours turned out so cute...I've got to just sit down and do it! Thanks, Lisa~

Jemsmom said...

That is absolutely fabulous!!! Do you have a tutorial on how you do that? I love it!

Jen @ said...

Very cute! It looks like something out of a boutique!


Nancy said...

How cute is that? I love it!!! Oh, and I really like your hair, too!


Misi said...

Fantastic idea! I have a few sheering prints that have seen better days. & i have a favorite silk T that has a lobster butter dribble on it! ~ It's a plan!
Thanks Cha Cha!

*kim* said...

Very clever of you! I love making old things new again too.

You are my kind of crafter. ;)

Sylvie Créative said...

The roses make the T-Shirt so fashion and trendy!


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