Monday, June 7, 2010


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So, time to tell you lovelies where we went on our adventure.  We loaded up the truck and went to Baton Rouge.  We stayed at the Drury Inn and we highly recommend it,  the hotel and staff were very nice.  With the price of the hotel we got free breakfast and in the evenings they serve a free dinner/snack bars, which was great for the night we got there.  We were sick of being in the truck for the last 10 hours, and all the girls wanted to do was swim.  We do not live in a neighborhood, nor do we have a pool in our backyard, so anytime there is a pool to swim in that is what they want to do.

and swim is what they did

Little Sister is trying to learn to float on her back

look there is even proof that I went on this trip

The next morning went went down town to the Saturday morning Farmers Market.

I had been to New Orleans a long time ago with a friend and her... well that is another story (Hi NeeCee, I have forgot you, I will try to get those recipes together this week).  I did not realy like New Orleans don't get me wrong it had some beautiful things but I am not much of a BIG city girl.  I was arfraid I would feel the me way about Baton Rouge.

But boy was I wrong

We love Baton Rouge it is a big city but it feels like a small town

The streets are clean, no trash to be seen

The farmers market is the best I had ever been to

there was an amazing assortment of produce

and the people, oh the people are lovely.  Like this sweet gentleman who gave each of our girls a sunflower, he made their day

and these sweet little ladies, I could have brought anyone of them home.

Everyone was so helpful and wanted to stop what they were doing and talk to you.  It has been along time since I have been in a big city and still felt like it was the south.

Baton Rouge we will be back

Cha Cha


Kat said...

That looks like so much fun. I love Farmer's Markets and that was darling of that sweet man to give your girls sunflowers. that would have made my day too!

gin said...

Great post! But I am kinda partial to BR. I grew up and lived 25 miles outside of baton rouge until 5 years ago. So we had the best of both worlds - a great city while living in the country. It is a great town. We are there practically once or twice a month -- all our kids and all my family is still there. I'm still homesick. It's always good to hear someone enjoying what you will always love.

scrappydee said...

Thanks for sharing - putting BR on my list of places to go. I LOVE a great farmers market. I love that you take so many photos - my hubby is always shaking his head because I take pictures of the most random things on are you going to remember the little thing otherwise right?

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh my goodness you were so close to us and I missed you. I'm so glad that you liked BR. I have to say I have never been to that market but will go soon. It does look wonderful. Maybe next time you are in town we can meet and have lunch. Take care and enjoy your summer! ((Hugs)) Susie

this blessed nest said...

what fun pictures. they all look so good. i love this time of year when you can go outside to pick something out of the yard to eat or go to a farmer's market and know it is so fresh.

i've stayed at several drury inns in the past. enjoyed everyone of them.
so glad you all had a good time.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing, Cha Cha, it looks like you had a fun time :).

April said...

It looks like you had a lovely time!


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