Saturday, July 17, 2010


This weeks theme at Funky Junk is rust

So I decided I would introduce you to my lawn ornament


There was a time  that she actually worked this land

but in her retirement years she is resting comfortably in my front yard

I love her rusty beauty.

Okay, do you think I am crazy for having a broken down tractor with a name as a lawn ornament.

Hope you are not laughing to hard at me

The funny thing is how she got to her resting place

A few years ago when I decided I wanted her my dad and hubby set out to bring her to me,

You see she had breathed her last breath about a mile from my front yard and had stayed there until I

invited her home.

So Dad and Hubby drove the BobCat to her and the truck

They attached her to the BobCat

and my Dad drove backwards (visions of the movie Cars are going through my head) with her attached with

 my husband in the truck behind him.

The last strech of the road the tires gave way and were flopping in the air,. it was a very funny sight to see.

Since then she rest comfortably under a shade tree.

Cha Cha  


this blessed nest said...


she is wonderful in every way!

perfect name too. so nice to meet another member of the family.

Sheri said...

What a wonderful old tractor!~!!!!

The Pennington Point said...

I love her! I was wondering how you got her there and then you told the story. It's got so much character. Lisa~

Anita@GoingALittleCoastal said...

Bessie is great! If you have the space then why not? Do you decorate her up for the holidays? I could see some potted geraniums on her hood for the summertime :)

Nancy said...

Bessie is a good old gal and I think I've seen some of her long lost relatives in my area. ;-)


Megan said...

So I have to admit, I would not be so brave to have Bessie in my lawn. Perhaps it's a difference in the acreage I have (as in, do NOT have) in my little suburb. But I do love these pictures. The hubcaps especially are beautiful. I would totally display one of those beauties on my mantle (although the mantle, like my acreage, is non-existent- imaginary).

Lulu said...

Love it! Would have loved to see her being moved to her new home, ha! I would like Bessie in my front yard, she's beautiful!

shannon i olson said...

I love her! Looks fabulous.


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