Monday, August 30, 2010

31-40 one thousand gifts

As I sit this morning drinking in a lazy Monday morning, have have been reflecting on the chaos that Summer had to offer.  I have enjoyed much of it, but could have just as easily done without other parts.  During my reflection I realized that is what I have missed the most over Summer, time set aside to reflect.  So,  I purposely took that time this morning and I am thankful for it.  So I will pick back up and continue with my list of 

One Thousand Gifts

31.  The return of routine
32. The gift of teaching my daughters
33. The gift of teaching other girls
34. Cooler weather over the weekend
35. Family time

36. The gift of an old Coke bottle found by my husband this weekend
37. The gift of end of Summer flowers picked for me by my oldest girl
38. The time to sew

for more info. go here

39. The gift of family heirlooms (handwritten recipe cards) to hang on the wall
40. The gift of kind words written by a sweet student

holy experience


Sheri said...

Nice gifts,I love that old coke bottle!

Kim said...

What a nice idea to list 1000 gratitude gifts.

Nancy said...

You have many blessings in your life! Not that I needed to tell you that. It's so nice you don't take things for granted and you appreciate all the gifts you have.

Have a great week!


this blessed nest said...

i need to take a morning like this.

a lazy one to reflect. i really need to for me & my family.
thank for reminding me to do so.



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