Monday, August 9, 2010

HOMESCHOOLING the yard sale edition

Just like many of you moms I use every day life to teach lessons.
I found having a yard sale to be rich with life lessons.  The first lesson was how to work hard in 90+ heat  (this was my least favorite lesson).  Then there was how to price things, we discussed if we were pricing it to sell fast and to never have to bring it back in your house or if you still liked it but were willing to part with it for a certain amount of money.  I have to say that one of the girls thought her stuff was worth a whole lot of money, like more money than was paid for it new, I am guessing it is because she would like to be a hoarder if her mean mother would let her.

While making signs we talked about how to think outside of the box when doing art projects.

We talked about how to be very neat and orderly.

We talked about patterns and color wheels, it turned into a very thorough lesson. 

We learned how to reuse what we had,  our lemonade sign is from a outdated calendar.

We learned how to make gallons of lemonade, how to sell something, how to count money and give correct change.  We learned that people really like to buy homegrown tomatoes, so now the girls want a fruit and veggie stand full time.

Last but not least we learned that people buy the weirdest things,  we made a lot of money off of this yard sale but still had over half of the stuff and the half we had is what I would consider the good stuff, just proves that one (wo)mans junk is another (wo)mans treasure.

So there you have our yard sale in a nut shell

Cha Cha


Anonymous said...

I LOVED meeting you at the yard sale. My daughter is still enjoying the Littlest pet shop set we bought and I am planing to paint/do something creative w/ your bread box. You inspire me! :)

yellowbulldogs said...

I didnt mean to be "Anonymous" still learning this comment thing. Anywy cant wait till your next yard sale. I am still praying about homeschooling and learning a lot more about it. Thank you for your time in writing your blog.

this blessed nest said...

little sister looks just like you!

that lemonade table with the yellow vintage sign, tomatoes all of it is a vision!
love it.

so glad you made some money on the yard sale...!!!

take all the time you need. but we do miss you.

April said...

I am glad your yard sale was a success and that the girls had a great time as well. The lemonade stand with the tomatoes and red checked table cloth is delightful!

The Pennington Point said...

I love it! Everything becomes a lesson. It shows what they would be missing if they were gone all day to school.

I'm so glad you made some $. Did you sell my little dresser? :) Lisa~

yard sales said...

did you consider advertising on garage sales tracker and their free iPhone application or are you just going to post those beautiful signs the girls madE?


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