Thursday, August 26, 2010


For those of you who are new around here, we live in the house I grew up in.  I have a goal of writting about it to pass on to my grandkids one day, so far I am failing.  So when this little circle of history was uncovered this weekend I had to write about it.  When we first move in to this house 5 years ago, we did some wallpaper removal and painting and then waited until 2 years ago to start any big remodeling.  One of the rooms we removed wallpaper from was the girls bathroom which is the same bathroom that was mine and my sisters when we were growing up.  Our toilet paper holder died this weekend so when we took it off the wall this is what we found.

Cute little dots.  I know these dots well, they were there everyday of my life and I am so happy that I found this little piece and could take a picture to keep the memory.

One day soon maybe I will give you a real tour of this room, it is actually one of the best rooms in my whole house, but today there are towels on the floor and toothpaste in the sink
so it will have to wait.

Cha Cha

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The Pennington Point said...

Only another sentimental blogger would understand taking pictures of the old wallpaper behind a broken toilet paper holder. LOL!

It reminded me of the yellow wallpaper that was in my bathroom as a child. I remember staring at it and thinking it was so pretty. Thanks for the memory. Lisa~


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