Friday, August 13, 2010

So what did I do with my two weeks off from blogging?

You most likely do not care,


I am going to share anyway, hehe.

Our school room was a mess.

I use room loosely, it is really just an area in our unfinished basement.

This "room" is also the walkway through the basement

which at our house means it is the catch all for everything!!!!

So for months stuff has been stacking up,

I did not take a picture of it because it is not something I want to remember.

So many hours, and trash bags later this is what I have.

A nice tidy school desk.  These cabinets were a total score off of craig's list.
When we got them they were a less than attractive wood stain (you can see the color in the pictures of the books) I got busy sanding, painting and glazing and this is what we have.  So for $100.00 we got this awesome desk and we even have more cabinets for another project we have planned for later.

We love this globe

We made these clipboards over the winter from cheap pressboard clipboards, mod podge, and scrapbook paper.  They work great at holding the days work.

Here are a few of the books we will be reading this year.  Some I will read aloud and some they will read on their own.  We  use Pogeny Press and Beautiful Feet  for study guides on many of these books.

We read books on History together and use Beautiful Feet Study Guides

For my child who reads me out of house and home, I find Abeka readers to be a safe options and they offer good comprehension questions.  We have tried several Grammar books over the years and found our favorite to be Easy Grammar.  Spelling had always driven me crazy until we came across Steck-Vaughn Spelling, it gives great activities to do with the spelling words each day, that are not write the word 10x.

Do you remember all those stacks of books I had for the yard sale, here are the books I kept.  Now you know why I had to sale so many.  I have a problem with books I love them.

Here is an other view of that same bookshelf.
All those boxes on top are filled with fabric.  Fabric that my grandmother recently gave me when she decided to clean out her quilting room, I only took half of it
my sister got the other half.
I think I know where my youngest got her need to collect.

We will also finish up our study on horses this year.  The girls have enjoyed it and the little one has dreams of owning a horse and once a day we have to talk about why we can NOT.  I had horses growing up and know how much WORK they are and am not signing on for that.  Maybe she will wear her Papa down one day.

The area I have yet to conquer is our craft/game closet.  It drives me crazy and today I just want to throw it all away and have nothing, but I will not because the collecting thing did not skip a generation and I collect craft crap stuff, well that and sofa's but I don't think you guys are ready to know that side of me.

So hopefully one day in the near future this will not look like a Micheal's store blew up under my stairs.

And once that closet is done

I have promised myself play time here, and maybe I will use up those boxes of fabric

Well maybe sometime in the next 10 years I will use them up,

Who am I kidding 20 years is more like it


Jen Poppy said...

I'm impressed! Great job.

:) Jen

Miss Jan said...

WOW!!! The classroom is most impressive. Praying for the upcoming school year, I know it will be the best ever.

Cha Cha said...

I love you Miss Jan, I am praying for you.

April said...

What a great space for school! Fantastic job!


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