Sunday, September 12, 2010

To Paint or Not To Paint?

That has been a question that has weighed heavily on my mind for the last 5 year.  For anyone new around here, we bought the house I grew up in 5 years ago and have been s-l-o-w-l-y making it our own ever since.  Everything in me respects and loves this home that my parents built with their own hands (my sister and I helped too).  We chose to buy this house over building new because it was the closest plan we could get to what we wanted without having one designed.  But there were and are changes to be made to make it more us.  Some decisions on change were easy: paint colors, removing wallpaper, and space layout.  Other decisions have proven to be harder to make: bathroom remodels, basement finishing and trim painting.  I have always loved painted trim and any other house have picked it over any other option.  But in this home it was harder.  Harder because other people I love have feelings about this house ( not that anyone would ever try to stop me from changing it).  This home holds 25 years of memories for 3 other people besides me, people who continue to live beside it.  They are not all perfect memories but they are our memories and I sometimes fear the more I white wash this house the more I am white washing the memories that were made here.

Then one day during my quiet time with the Lord, I was praying for the future legacy of my family and how thankful I was for my past and that because of who my parents are I could be a better parent for my children.  Because I had been given more spiritually I had more to give to my children than they (my parents)  had to give to us.  I am so thankful for the sacrifice they made so that our family legacy can grow, change and become what God desires for it to be. 

Just like that I also knew I could change anything in this house.  I was given the gift of a good house foundation also from my parents.  And just like God does not plan for us to stay the same, but to change and grow, my home doesn't need to stay the same.  I am not white washing old memories but change things so new ones can be made.

                                                               ( I also changed the wall color)
Who knew deciding to paint your trim could come from a quiet moment with the Lord.
Trust in the lord with all your heart
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him.
And He shall direct your paths.
                            Proverbs 3:5&6

So, I did it I painted my trim, or part of it.  It is a time consuming process, but well worth it.  I hope to have a tutorial soon.
(you can see the next  project I am working on in the mirror)

Cha Cha

Before                                                                                After

beneath my heart


Kim said...

The painted trim looks so much fresher. You're right, memories are memories. You'll be making wonderful new ones.

The Pennington Point said...

If you leave it the way it is even though you'd like it better painted, you are teaching your children to hold on to the past and not pursue their own dreams.

We live in what used to be my grandfather's house with family down the street (another thing we have in common). At first it was hard to rip off wallpaper and change bathrooms, as if I was rejecting their taste. But then my aunt (who was the one that did most of the decorating for my grandfather) came over and said, "It looks so great! I am glad to see someone else is loving the house now." That gave me permission and now you wouldn't even recognize the place. We've moved walls and added rooms and porches and done a million things beyond painting trim.

It still has that old feeling of being his place, but it's all ours and we have done whatever we wanted without looking back. Lisa~

Jen said...

Love the new white trim!
Memories are just that...Memories!! Changing the "look" of something will never wash that away!!!

this blessed nest said...

cha cha you are such a dear soul.

i totally agree with lisa's first sentence. you've got to make it your own! times change, people move, new design & (sometimes) better comes in with the years & you've got to run with it.

i know your parents raised you to be individuals, so making it your own is probably a compliment to them.

now....that white trim is beautiful!!! so crisp & fresh. especially against the dark wood window pane. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that combo. white with the dark brown. beautiful.

love the new wall color too.

byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

i think you should paint it. :)

The Nester said...

You did a FANTASTIC job! I love how you left the sash part wood and painted the casings, well done! It looks so crisp, I wish my windows looked like that!

Love your wreath too

Kindra-At Home With K said...

I love the new crisp trim. I want to do that to all mine as well. :)


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