Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sentimental Sunday #2


I enjoyed reading last weeks Sentimental post and can't wait for this weeks.

I wanted to share what I am currently looking at every time I walk in my kitchen.

These overflowing shelves are beautiful to me,

Most of the jars are filled with food grown in the garden in my back yard or the garden at my grandmother's house.

The time that went into breaking the ground, planting the seed, watering the plants,
weeding, watering and weeding more, and then the harvest.

The beautiful harvest, the fruit of labor.
But that is just the beginning

Next comes another kind of work the cooking and canning.
My Dad and Grandmother canned each of these and they represent their love to me and my family.
I treasure looking at these shelves and knowing the love that has been poured out and into these jars.
I am thankful.

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Laura said...

I love your cabinet of canned goods! I remember that when I was a little girl, we always had cabinets full like that too. My great-grandma has been gone for 11 years now, and nobody in the family really grows food or does any canning. So sad! I do have the recipie for zucchini relish though- the most tasty concoction ever made! Maybe next summer...

this blessed nest said...

what a blessing to have such a cabinet full of all sorts of goods. your collection of jars is just amazing! displaying everyone's labor is a super idea! such a beautiful idea!

have a wonderful sunday!


ChRiS said...

my mom canned jellies and did applesauce but she just doesn't have the strength anymore to put the effort into it.....her sister was the canner my lord her hubby had build shelves in the canning room yes she had a canning room in basement that the shelves were as long as the louse and deep enuff to hold 6 jars was nothing to have ham and string beans in Jan ( she was always so giving..sorry to have rambled.

Theresa said...

Your shelves of canned goods remind me so much of the one in our basement on the farm...where I grew up and where my parents still live. I remember the sweet peaches my mom used to can...
Thanks for sharing!

Mandy @ No Place Like Home said...

People ask me all the time if I 'can', and I never have, but I wish I did! It is great that you have this in your home.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Cha Cha. See you next Sunday!

Jane said...

I love these shelves!!! They create a lovely display, but are chocked full of items that you will ultimately eat. Perfect blend of "easy on the eyes, yummy in the tummy"! I so wish we could get a garden growing! My dad always had a wonderful vegetable garden when we were growing up...and my grandmother was the "Queen of Canning". So, seeing all these canned goods and old Mason jars brings back a lot of memories for me. Thanks for sharing and for hosting Sentimental Sunday!


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