Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We've Gone to the Dogs

Yes, we take our dogs camping.

They love it.

We debated on taking the cat, she would love it, but were afraid she might get frightened and lost.

Here is Tessa Mae, she is our newest addition.
We now love her dearly
but I have to tell you she tried hard (for a year and a half) to NOT become a part of our family.
Then, something clicked and she is now a great dog.

The girls love that she is a lap dog and like to snuggle with her.

Here are the dogs playing there favorite game,
it is a mix between retrieving and tug a war.

This our 3rd child her name is Sierra Pearl (she is named after my great grandmother).
She is a white collie and one of smartest dogs I have ever been around (and we raised labs when I was growing up).
She is kind and full of love and wishes she could be a lap dog.

Do you travel with your pets?

Cha Cha


Kim said...

we take ours camping too. & boating. :) they do love it!

Jane said...

Oh, yes!!! We take our three dogs traveling with us quite often. We have a 10 yr old mini dachshund, a 5 yr old Australian Shepherd and a 1 yr old mini dachshund who keeps us on our toes!!! I wouldn't trade for any one of my precious puppies - they are like my children now that we are empty-nesters. Your puppies are adorable and these are great photos!


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