Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Card Inspiration Party


Today I am going to let you lovelies in on a little secret about me....

I love Christmas cards.

I get excited each and every time I open one

and my goal is for our Christmas card to be the first one everyone gets in the mail.

I try to have our cards done, addressed and in the mail the Friday morning after Thanksgiving,

I drop them off at the post office while I am out shopping.

So with my love of cards I decided why not see what you lovelies send out.

So, starting Monday November 15th, I am having a  Christmas card link up party.  It will run until Christmas day, so don't feel rushed.

You can link up this years, past years or even the funny attempts that did not make it onto a card.

I can not wait to see your cards and hear the stories behind them.

Merry Christmas, oh wait is it too early to say that

Sit Relax and Read

PS. If you have a great card and no blog email them to me
and I will get them on, just be sure to put Christmas Card Party in the subject.

*** update just lined up a great give away for those who link up or comment or tweet***
Can't wait to tell you what it is.


Ellen Grant said...

Sweet idea! I am waiting for out pics to come back (that we had taken) so hopefully I'll get them in time for Christmas cards and I can join you in this. Fun. Also, i love'd your attributes of God project. I might have to do something like that with my girls!

this blessed nest said...

can't wait!!!

love the idea of including non-bloggers as well!

Michele said...

Hi Friend! Last night I finally made my Christmas card for the year. It should arrive in the mail soon so I can mail them to others. Is this the link up to show off our cards? Fun idea for a Christmas card party!


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