Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life Is Busy

I know I do NOT need to tell you lovelies how busy life can get.

Let's just say life has taken over here and there has been no time for writing.

The good news is that when I do finally have time to sit a collect my thoughts again I have lots to show you.

We have been in project mode and have done much.

I say all of this to beg your forgiveness for no Sentimental Sunday today

If you have something planned please link up next week when I am back in the swing of things.

Also,  I am going to relaunch the Christmas Card Party this week,

I now realize after many emails and comments I was far to early for you ladies on this.

So get your cards ready to link up, I can't wait to see them.

Cha Cha

**If you want a sneak peek at what we have been up to, like Sit Relax and Read  on Facebook , I will be adding pictures there today**

1 comment:

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Family always comes first Cha Cha!! We will miss Sentimental Sunday...but we all understand!! Angie xo


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