Thursday, December 9, 2010

They Have Waited All Year For This

As soon as I start pulling out boxes of Christmas decorations the girls start asking if they can do the tree.

When I finally gave them the go ahead this year

they were talking together about how they had waited all year for this.

I love that they enjoy it and are creating memories that they will pass down to their children.

I start with lights and places my Santa collection

Here are a few

Of my favorite Santa's.

Once the Santa's are safely in place I turn all decorating over to theses two

This year they did so well

I did NOT even have to move any.

They know how to make this decorating momma proud.

Here is the final product

They did such a great job.

Don't you love my vintage laundry basket,

it is the perfect place to stack gifts.

Merry Christmas

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Tiffini said...

love the colors AND santa's:) the girls did a beautiful job!

Kat said...

Send those sweet girls over here to decorate my tree please. It's been sitting naked in my living room since Sunday. Hopefully tonight we will get it done! Your tree looks amazing, they did such a wonderful job on it! Love the laundry basket!!!

Pamela said...

Sooo very pretty and yes I do LOVE your vintage laundry bin!! Been on the hunt for one.

The Pennington Point said...

Your tree is lovely. I have that same vintage laundry basket. We use it in the winter to keep blankets and throws. I love the gift idea. Very clever. Lisa~

Kalleen at Second Street said...

Cha Cha, You have been making magic in your home since I last visited. I have a santa collection as well. Yours are beautiful, I love them too.
Your kitchen-candy decor is amazing. I might have to copy everything. I already have a candy wreath,on my kitchen door, so it would work perfectly.
And your Christmas card... your girls are gorgeous.
Merry Christmas


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