Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever

How we fight cabin fever.

1.  Build a huge fort

2. Cut and sew Yo Yo's while in the fort

3. Give ourselves manicures

4. Turn this boxy sweater into

this fun sweater

tutorial to come soon.

5. Dress crazy and bright to fight off snowed in blahhhhhsssss

6.  Snuggle under covers

7. Fold mountains of laundry

8. Clean up snow clothes 28.3 times

9. Turn this sweater into

this purse

Tutorial to come later

10. Paint and glitter snowflakes to hang on

this banner we made last year
it is hanging on our new school desk that I will do a post on soon.

11. Eating and eating and eating

these brownies

with ice cream and Carmel

homemade popcorn with black pepper and sea salt

taco soup and corn chips,
potato soup and garlic bread,
cinnamon rolls,
grilled cheese,
roast beef sandwiches,
snow cream--glorious snow cream

12. And last we have watch too much T.V.

So how do you fight cabin fever?

Sit Relax and Read


this blessed nest said...

love it!!!

the sweater is fabulous!
that bunting is wonderful.
the purse is too cute for words.

i'm drooling over the brownies & popcorn. day 8 of diet. still no will power to fight off such pictures as yours!

hubs is now out shoveling snow.
kids are napping.
i'm sitting here in blogland...that's what i'm doing to fight off cabin fever.

love the manicure idea too.


Christine said...

Love it! I really love all the wonderful things you have all created especially that purse!! I kind of like being forced to be tucked away inside. Working on a really cool blanket here...can not wait to finish it. Happy Snow days to you all!

Cyndi@Walking in His Grace said...

This snow is killing me! We can get out because we live in a subdivision but I still don't like it. I hope it clears up before blissdom!
Love your sweater and purse!!

Between You and Me said...

you are so creative..I can't believe you make new sweaters out of old sweaters and purses out other old sweaters.....pure genius.

thanks for your encouraging words about my post over at House of Belonging.....hard to write but God has been too good to me not to.

Tiffini said...

AND you go sledding with your kids:)
I actually made some chicken ranch and rice soup and we are putting together a puzzle and now watching cats and dogs finding some kitty show..? { while I'm - also Kellie;) - in blogland }
The FOOD is killing me...those are our favorite brownies to make...your girls are lucky to have you as their mama

The Pennington Point said...

Wow! You are busy for being snowed in! I should send you our old do amazing things with them! Lisa~

Kelley said...

Ok, so this Yo-Yo Queen's wondering why I wasn't involved in this Cabin Fever Reportoise... or however you spell that? (My piano lesson taking/teaching days are loooong gone.) Oh what fun it is to be cooped up in the cabin... (singing) All together now...

The Mustard Seed said...

Cha Cha,

Love this post. Don't we all have cabin fever right now. But I must admit, I would love to paint fingernails and toenails with those sweet girls. Hope I can be as fun of a mom as you are.

Thank you for all the encouragement. Your bloggy friendship is such a blessing to me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Kat said...

Thew next time we get snowed in, I am coming to stay at your house. I'll bring my cookbooks and my sewing machine. Oh, and I might bring Fergus too.


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