Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow 2011

Just wanted to let you know what been going on around here.

We are S N O W E D   I N

and this is day three.

We live in the middle of no where and may never get out...

at least that is the way it feels right now.

Yes, we are starting to get cabin fever.

I hope to share later today what we have been doing inside to help fight the fever.

For now I thought I would show us enjoying the beautiful white blanket God has blessed up with.

Just a few views from my house, to give you an idea what I am looking out and seeing.

White, White, White everywhere.

For the record our kitty cat does NOT like the snow.  Normally she loves playing outside but the snow has her house bound, she has gone stir crazy a few times and walks around the house meowing at the top of her lungs, that is when we take pity on her and tie a stir around our waist and let her chase it as we go about our normal routine-- she is thankful and chases.

Everyone else is loving the snow, we have done lots of sledding.

And this one, what can I say besides she was made for snow.
She thinks chasing sleds and catching snowballs are the greatest things in the world.

This normally reserved and cautious girl has turned into a daredevil.
Sledding was not trilling enough so she is now snow surfing.

Distance is this girls game, she learned how to steer the sled within a trip or two down the hill and now has to see how far she can go each run.

And then there was the idea my dad had, to pile everyone in the pool (yes we are that highclass, bet you didn't know we had a pool--Your jealous aren't you).
Some times ideas are better in your head, it did NOT work.  Everyone was sad.

Hubby spent most of his time giving everyone big pushes at the top of the hill, but he got a few trips down.

Here she is again being a daredevil, ever determined she really wanted to make the pool work.
Maybe a running start will help.

Not so much..........

Then there was snow snacking, lots of snow snacking.

Finally our Tessie girl (the little dog) got her turn on the sled.

It was lots of fun, she loves the snow.  She runs and plays and shivers but does not want to go inside.

So that how we have been enjoying the snow.


Kat said...

Cha Cha, the pool... that is HILARIOUS!!! I wish it had worked, that would have been really funny to see everyone sliding down the hill in it at the same time. We are going shack-wacky over here too...!!!!

Miss Jan said...

These are soooo cute! First...I would like little sisters's kitten hat, second....big sister is going to be the next model for snow attire or maybe that would be tessa, lastly I am all alone so sled on over and I will share some warm soup!

Tiffini said...

We are snowed in here also! NOT in the middle of no where though:) Day 3 of no school.
YOU look so cute! Look at you go girl. Have fun with your kiddos:)

Theresa said...

Oh how I love a photo-story! You're pictures tell a story all on their own. Looks like you're making the best of a tricky situation.
We received a lot of snow (30 cm) on the weekend, but no snow days for us! Dig out and carry on {sounds like a printable, doesn't it?!}
Glad you're enjoying yourself!

Kelley said...

Wow! What fun y'all had! We're up here in Surrey, B.C., Canada this week and got six inches last night.

And we have no snow-loving dog with us, of course. All your fun photos brought huge smiles to my face. But that snowball catching, sled-chasing dog... Uh, if you discover that one missing some night, don't look at me.

Kalleen at Second Street said...

How fun, I wish we were all stuck at home because of snow and not because of the flu. Your pictures are beautiful.

this blessed nest said...

look at how beautiful you look!!!

that pool...omgoodness. hysterical. i have seen more options of sledding here lately. so fun!

we are getting cabin fever as well. craziness.


Lorri said...

This snow storm was wild! 8 inches.......that turned to ice! I still have plenty of it in my yard. Looks like you all had a blast!

joana said...

How fun...
Your pictures are beautiful...


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