Wednesday, March 9, 2011

E-Mealz, Review Week 1

If you did not know I have been given the opportunity to review E-mealz for 1 month.   You can read about

 how I got the chance to Review E-Mealz here.

This past week was my first week to use it.   I printed my menu with recipes and my grocery list.   As I

mentioned last week we are picky eaters so I went through both the menu and shopping list and crossed off

what we would not eat.   This week there was a recipe with salmon and I do not eat seafood so I crossed it

off.   This did not cause a problem because we really only need 5-6 dinners per week (my mom cooks for

 my family one night per week, yes I know I am blessed).   Then there were two sides that we are not fond

 of but sides are easy to substitute with something else.  

Next, I shopped my pantry, fridge and freezer for what I already had.   Then I was off to the store.   I was

 happy to find that each of the items were in stock and for the price my grocery list said that it would be.   

Once home I went through each of the meals to decide which days each of the recipes would work best for

 us.   Because we were out of town this weekend,  I was even able to pick two meals to save for later and

 one that I think will be good to make ahead and freeze.  

Our first two meals were pretty basic recipes Mexican hamburgers and Buffalo Chicken Sliders.   They were

 very yummy and everyone ate them well.  These two meals are also the recipes I changed the sides,  one

 would have been baked beans and the other potato salad.   I made a large batch of our favorite pasta salad

 and split it between both dinners.   Even with this substitute I was able to stay within the budgeted amount

 for those meals.   Our favorite recipe was the Tortellini and Sausage Soup, it was a huge success.   Besides

 being tasty it was a quick meal to make and it is easy to keep each of the ingredients on hand.  It will

 become one of my go to recipes.  I hope this week is closer to normal so I can try more recipes.

So at the end of week one if you ask me my opinion of Emealz I will tell you it is a great way to make

preparing dinner easier, shopping more simple and staying within a budget a breeze (each me is coming in at

 $10 or under).

And if you are interested you can use the code: BLISS and get 15% off of the price

Sit Relax and Read

** I have closed my comments for forty day as I prepare for Lent.  If you have any question feel free to email me (  ) or we can chat on facebook if you need more information**

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