Thursday, March 31, 2011

Horse Tee Shirt Tutorial

Sweet friends!

Today I thought I would share how I made my daughter a horse tee shirt for her "Fancy Country Birthday Party".  She was determined to wear a horse shirt (we had about 10 already, but with this girl you can NOT have too many).  I could not find one in the stores that had the look she wanted for the party.  So what's a Momma to do????????
Get busy making it of course, so that is what I did.
1. I found an outline of a horse that I liked and sized to fit the shirt.
3. Traced the horse onto the backside of the Heat n Bond
4. Cut out horse

5.Took picture of my girlie holding the cut out horse
(you can skip this step)

6. Figured out the placement of the horse

7. Peeled off the paper backing left from ironing on the Heat n Bond
8.  Ironed on the horseonto the shirt

9. Stitched around the horse with my new sewing machine

10. Then we were ready to party!!!!

I love this project because it is super easy and you can make something personal for the people you love,
hope you enjoyed.

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