Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #18 Nannies Brooch and Earrings

It is time for another Sentimental Sunday,
if you haven't read the links from last week--YOU NEED TO.
I can tell you I cried and rejoiced with you.

This week I have something sweet to share with you.

When my grandmother (my mother's mother) passed away one of the thing I got was a set of her earrings and brooch.  I loved them and wore them often, but then wanted a new way to enjoy them.
That is went I got the idea to frame them.  I bought a simple shadow box and and hot glued them in. I love that if I ever get tired of them in the shadow box I can peel the hot glue off and go back to wearing them.

This shadow box hangs in my girls bathroom and it brightens my day every time I walk in.
This is one more way I filled my house with sentimental art.

So what are you Sentimental about this week?
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Sit Relax and Read

Sit Relax and Read


The Pennington Point said...

Oh those are so special! I love how you framed them. I would treasure that the same way you do. Lisa~

Denise @ SpareChangeChic said...

I love how you displayed your special jewelry. I have some clip on earrings that belonged to my great-aunt that are special. I have big plans for them.

silly eagle books said...

Found you via Impress Your Kids. :) Now following!



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