Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #20 Wonder Horse

Hi Lovelies,
I has been one of those weeks..........
you know the kind where most everything goes wrong.
My knee and back have been acting up and I have spent far too much time bonding with my sofa.
No progress has been made on anything,
if you have met me for more than 5 minutes then you know I like to be productive.
The good news is I am feeling better and I have had plenty of time to plot and plan my next project.
Enough of my whining, lets get to the good stuff.

I have a Wonder to show you

This sweet horse was mine when I was a little girl.  I had forgotten all about it until a few years ago when we went into my parents storage shed for something else and I saw it.  Needless to say I drug it out and cleaned it up.  I tried to find a place in the house to put it but had no luck, not wanting it to go back into the storage shed I decided to make it a home on the front porch.  Kids love it, every little one who comes to the house finds it and begs for a ride, and I am here to say 30 something years later my wonder horse is still going strong.

His handles have gotten lost somewhere over the years, but he is still a handsome steed.

He is still fuzzy and I love the saddle detail.

I hope my wonder horse made you wonder about things from your childhood.

What are you sentimental about this week?
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Sit Relax and Read

Sit Relax and Read


The Pennington Point said...

I love that! I can't believe it's still fuzzy. It must bring back so many memories of bouncing and giggling. I hope your knee and back feel better! Lisa~

Opie Dawn said...

How sweet is he and what a special memory too! I hope you feel better very soon.


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