Friday, May 20, 2011

Behind the Scenes at the Craft Fair


Yes, I am back with another post today.
Yes, this is the 5th one this week.
We have lots of catching up to do,ha.

I just wanted to share a few pictures from the craft fair, it should be titled

 "What Kids do to Keep Busy While Stuck with their Crazy Momma at a Craft Fair for 3 Days"

but that seemed a little l-o-n-g

Grace was the model for this company.
They style girls hair crazy (for a fee) and then give them info on their website.
They did her hair and she went around and showed it off for the day, sending girls to their booth.

Me with my crazy haired girl.
Like my Bloom Pin?  You can get one in my shop, Cha Cha's Treasure

Faith and her friend played under my table.  It was their club house.

Grace spend all three days with me, open to close.  She would take breaks from the sun and crowds under the table and read and dream up items to make for her own booth one day (she really is so much like me).

Then there was this little guy, we will call him Mr. Chalupa.

Mr. Chalupa sort of had a thing for my girl, he walked her around and held her hand most of the day.
At one point he was on his knees holding both of her hands, I think he has a thing for older women.

He had many things to talk to her about.

Then in true guy fashion he showed her his wheels, it really is a sweet ride.

In the end he just gave up and had to be rescued by an even older woman.

Thanks Mr. Chalupa for making our day so much fun.

His mom had a booth also you can check out her super cute stuff at

I have one more post to do on the craft fair, I hope to have it up on Monday.

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