Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Room Makeover Part 1

I love to spend the day going to look at model houses.  Do you?  I walk around in awe of the designer's vision and creativity.  I always have my camera ready to record my favorite finds and a pad of paper and pen to write down paint colors and fabric details.  I scan magazines and the Internet doing the same thing.  I also sit around and dream up room designs for my house and friends houses, this is by far my favorite hobby.  In my dream world there is an unlimited budget, no conflicting opinions and most of all the room only has to be pretty, not functional. But I do not live in a model house, I live in a home......

(yes that is a large pack of toilet paper in the background, remember this is NOT a model house)

A home that has to be lived in 24/7 (remember the girls and I are here all day long everyday).  Everything in this home has to be comfortable and it has to function for our lives.  So it pushes me to make decisions that would not be made in my dream world, decision like buying a sectional sofa. EEEKKK I said it, don't freak out but that same room also has a ceiling fan.

The pictures above are what our family room looked like before.  The couch we bought 13 years ago, just before our wedding.  It was our first major purchase together (I am a little sad that it is listed on Craigslist right now).  It has been a great couch, we lovingly call it the sleeping couch because if for what ever reason we were having trouble sleeping
we could go to the sleeping couch and it would snuggle us in and put us right to sleep.
I spent two pregnancies on this couch (I am very sick when pregnant) and brought home two beautiful healthy babies to hold while snuggled up on it.

The rooster chairs I bought just after we moved in to this house, which this fall will be 6 years ago.
That is so hard to wrap my brain around, where has the time gone.....I had a 2 year old and a 6 year old when we moved here.  Back to the chairs, I think they are pretty and they are very well made
they are not comfortable

No one ever wanted to sit in them.  Then we had the problem of not enough seating.  We have a great home for a large party,
open rooms lots of seating.
when it was just a few other people there wasn't room.
Once the 4 of us had a seat there was maybe room for one more.
So the decision was made to look for new furniture.  I started out think I would do two small couches and two chairs, but there were not many options and the ones we found were not comfortable to snuggle on.  Then I saw a modern sectional at Ikea and thought I liked it, so we loaded up the truck and went to look at it.  Well, we are not modern. You are shocked I know.  So the next week was filled with looking at every furniture store in driving distance.  I ended up back at the same furniture store we had bought the sleeping couch from and wouldn't you know it, they had our next couch also.........

Okay, I have to run for now.
Come back tomorrow to see part two of the story.

BTW if you are looking for new furniture in the north Georgia Area you should try
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CreationsForEleanor said...

So excited to see it. We need new furniture so we are, as mean as this is, waiting for the cat to move on to his next life before we buy one.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Can't wait!!! I'm loving those rooster chairs and I would so sit in them :)

The Pennington Point said...

I am surprised you are going for a sectional. I can't wait to see it. You'll make it look gorgeous, like you do with everything. Lisa~

Christa Sterken said...

THis cracked me up. I don't know how many uncomfortable chairs I have purchased just to provide more seating (or super cheap/free)...but then, no one, including me wants to sit in them!

Kim said...

OMG! I would give up a limb for those rooster chairs!!!! Your sectional is awesome and I'm loving the new look. Great job! Model homes are not practical. I prefer a home that looks lived in. Now, what do I have to do to get those chairs.........;) LOL!

Howard M. Wright said...

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