Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Room Makeover Part 2

Good Morning,
Thanks for all the sweet emails and comments yesterday about the beginning of our family room makeover, if you haven't read it you can Family Room Makeover Part 1.

So let's pick up where I left off yesterday,
I found a traditional enough sectional sofa at

I brought home a picture and the measurement to show Hubby. He liked it but didn't seem overly excited, so I didn't let myself go crazy thinking about it.  The next day when he came home from work he ask if I had gone and bought it, when I had not he was ready to do it himself.  So he and my Dad (thanks Dad) went and got it while I stayed home working (I have a "real" job and work from home, we will talk about it one day, pinkie promise).  After they picked up the sofa they move the old stuff to the basement and set up the new.  I did not finish working that night until 9:30 and was to tired to have an opinion about it when  I came in the room.  The next morning however......
when I walked into the room with this,

I flipped out.
I did NOT like it!
It felt way too modern and uninviting,
what am I going to do.
I panicked, my adrenaline was pumping,
so i jumped up and got busy doing what I do.

1. Get rid of the toppers on the drapes, there were far too many horizontal lines.
Better but not enough.

2. Change the pillows from the super modern ones that came with the sofa
to the ones I had on our old sofa.
I am slowly starting to feel better about the room.

3. I brought in tables and lamps
Now suddenly it was starting to feel more like us, more like home.

4. Bring in a chair from another room.
Finally I can breath

5. Commit to cutting the tags off

6. Break it in, HA

Even though I did NOT like it in my home to begin with, I knew that it was what my family needed.  So instead of buying the perfectly scaled and designed sofa for the room, we bought the perfect sofa for the people who live here.  Really isn't that what it is all about, the people not the design.  I truly believe that if I can make this sofa look like it belongs in my home you can make the same thing happen in yours.  Beautiful design is wonderful but even better is design that works for your family.  I want my kids to look back and remember home as an inviting comfortable place they wanted to be in, not a pretty place they were afraid to live in.

Soon there will be new drapes and pillows and the chair will go back to the bedroom and we will buy one for this room
and maybe just maybe there will be a table in the middle of it all.

This room had already gone through some changes before the sofa and I plan to do a recap of all of those soon.

Thanks for sticking around for my rambling and watching my family room makeover.

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Heidiopia said...

I sooooo know what you mean, Cha Cha! I have a monstrous sofa in my family room that I don't love but my family does. Thank goodness for decorative throw pillows. :)

~Casey said...

I love it! And you KNOW I would never set out to buy a sectional - but it's just so much more inviting and cozy. Inviting IS beautiful. Good job! Now I need some help with throw pillows......... ;)

Sally said...

I love everything about it - even the original pillows. But -- what you brought in and added makes it wonderful. It looks very inviting. I really like the chaise! What a great option if you have the room!!! We bought a new couch a little over a year ago, and it was a L-O-N-G process of shopping and deciding what we really needed for our space. I love what we ended up with.

Have a great day Cha Cha! ~Sally

Rachel said...

Cha Cha - I love your pillows with it! I think that you found a great compromise for a couch - one that is ginormous for the fam and one that is still stylish.

Kudos to you! :)

Kalleen at Second Street said...

I love your story. Thanks for always keeping things real. You coach looks like the perfect gathering places. I see many happy memories there. Enjoy.

Kelley said...

You da woman!

The Pennington Point said...

We are so much alike. I would drop everything and work with that couch until I made it look like I wanted. Good for you! I love the pictures of the progress. That's such a good point, that we just have to make it work. I have the same thing....I need to get a LOT of seating into a tiny room. So I got the furniture that would work best for us then I did what I could to make it look pretty.

Excellent job! Lisa~

Opie Dawn said...

It looks great and I love the breaking it in photo!

Laryssa Herbert said...

It turned out so well!

Stephanie said...

Love the happy ending to the sofa much like my story. I have a monster sectional in a tiny living room but it accomodates us all...I bought cream colored pillow covers from Ikea to hide the original modern pillows that came with the monster and made a few drop cloth covers for some smaller pillows I picked up on the cheap...sure made a big difference. Congrats!

Christine said...

I really like it and it feels so warm and inviting.

Creative in Chicago said...

Looks very comfortable and inviting! I actually love the modern look and have just bought a sectional for my family room. It was so difficult to know what furniture would has 5 doorways!.

Take a look at the before and after

Family room makeover

Laura said...

Thank you for this post. I needed this. We just bought a new sofa. It is fine. It is not what I originally had in mind, but it is SO comfortable and very much more practical in color than the one I "wanted." Really, it is a great sofa for this time in our lives and the lives of our children.
I am now working through the process of making the room ours again. This post was an encouragement.


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