Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #21, Marriage

Happy Sunday,
I hope you have had a blessed day.
I wanted to share what I am sentimental about this week, marriage.  Hubby and I just returned from a wonderful and relaxing weekend couples retreat.  We went with our Sunday school class from church.  It was just the break from real life we needed and a great chance to spend sometime talking and dreaming.  

I highly recommend a get away, if you haven't had one recently.  Time away is just one of the ways Hubby and I connect and make our relationship special.  Another way we do is to send each other homemade notes.  I wanted a place to put these notes and I came up with the idea for a Marriage Pillow, it and other designs will debut in my shop (Cha Cha's Treasure) a week from Monday.  The pillow has a pocket in the front to slip notes into, I love the idea of being surprised with a love note from my Hubby.

What do you special to connect with your Husband?

What are you sentimental about this week?
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Ali said...

what a lovely pillow.. so creative. We badly need a weekend away!!! glad you enjoyed yours. :)

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

Hi Cha Cha, I can't find any way to email you. Could you please email me back from this comment?

I am sure your email is right in front of me am having a bad day and can't find it!

I just had a quick question!

Thank you and I enjoyed SS as usual.


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