Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #23, My Girls Making Biscuits With My Grandmother

Well Lovelies it is Sunday again
and you know what that means!!
That's right it is time for

Sentimental Sunday

This week I am sentimental about my girls learning to make my grandmother homemade biscuits.  A few weeks ago my grandmother came to stay for several days.  While she was here she taught my girls how to make her world famous biscuits.

My oldest daughter has been asking to learn how for over a year
 so this was a special day for her.

She measures nothing, it is all done by sight and feel....hmmm to be that good.

(Notice my grandmother's sweatshirt, she refashioned it herself!!  Now you know who I get it from.)

Learning to roll out the dough is an art form in it's self.

It gets a little sticky from time to time

and not every one turns out pretty.

Warm-Yummy-World Famous Biscuits!

So what are you Sentimental about this week?

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Sit Relax and Read


Sit Relax and Read


Alicia The Snowflake said...

Oh what a great memory for them! Those biscuits look super yummy! Can I come learn from your grandma?!?!

Take care my sweet friend!
May you have a blessed Sunday!

The Pennington Point said...

I'm melting over the picture of your grandmother's hands with the bowl. Gorgeous! Lisa~

Miss Jan said...

That is one sweet post! Grandma's are so special and to have a Great-Grandma is so very special. They are blessed girls.

Anonymous said...


Tiffini said...

biscuits bread..with butter oh my! nothing beats grandmas biscuits and teaching the next generation how to make them:)

Christine said...

What a keepsake here...precious memories and moments to treasure for ever. I love how the recipe is by touch and feel...and now your daughters know how to make these biscuits as well.

Adelina Priddis said...

Oh those look really good! What a special time for your children too!


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