Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #25, A Date With My Girls

Sweet Friends!

Today for Sentimental Sunday I am going to talk about a special day I had with my girls this week.

Friday morning the girls and I got dressed up.

Aren't they cute.

Can you tell how excited they are?

They had worked the day before to make this.
What is it you ask?
It is a cuff made out of yoyos.
Yoyos made from fabric design by the fabulous Jennifer Paganelli.

Which by the way is who we were going to meet and the yoyo cuff was a gift my girls made for her.

She wears it well, don't you think?

She wrote the sweetest things to my girls.

And made each of them feel very important.

On our drive home the girls could not stop talking about how much they loved it and which of the projects in the book they were going to do and what fabric they would use.

I will treasure this day and this special moment with my girls.

Thank you Jennifer for making our day one I can be sentimental about.

So what are you sentimental about?
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Sit Relax and Read


Sit Relax and Read


Lorri said...

I love days like that! The girls are adorable!

Adelina Priddis said...

that is really sweet! I love your girls skirts, did they or you make them? So cute! And the cuff they made, it matches her outfit perfectly! What a wonderful day out with your girls.

The Pennington Point said...

Oh how sweet! The girls are adorable...I love their little skirts. What a great date. Lisa~

Tiffini said...

ok..where to start. Your daughters a cute as can be..and they have great hair! Love the store you all were in. By what I can see they have great fabric. I am looking for somewhere to get fabric for curtains. I know what I want but Joann's and Hobby Lobby don't carry it...ugh! Time spent with children is something to be sentimental about.
I think it lets them know they are always our priority. Thinking of you:)

nest of posies said...

oh no you didn't get to meet her!!!

how exciting.

that yoyo cuff is just wonderful! i think that should be added to someone's etsy shop...just on a whim of an idea!!!!

i been been a fan of jennifer's for a long time, although i haven't visited her blog in a long time! i'm sure she was thrilled with her cuff.



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