Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ten Task in Ten Days Challenge, The List

All right lovelies
are you ready to get our 10 Task in 10 Days started?
I hope you have enjoyed making your list as much as I have.  I suddenly have new found energy for getting things done and I really believe it is because I have a list and the idea of getting to check things off excites me.  I am showing some before shots with my list today and for those of you who are new around here and confused by the sofa and chair swap you can ready about it in Family Room Makeover Part 1 and Family Room Makeover Part 2

I decided to make everything on my list come from the two rooms I am currently wanting to work on because being the ADHD person I am I tend to hop from one room to the next and never feel like I get anything done.  Hopefully this is going to inspire me and I will have a new way of doing things.  The two room that I have picked are actually one large room which make it a natural decision to do them at the same time, but it makes my list long......29 items so far.  But just think if I can mark of 10 of them I will be a 1/3 of the way done, woohoo!  I will stop rambling now and show you what you came here for --


1. Make the blue wall from the kitchen look like it flows

2. Paint entertainment cabinet
3. Find something to go on top of entertainment cabinet

4. Update the stuff on the shelves

5. Make new drapes
6. Iron and hang drapes
7. Make 10(+) pillows

8. Find a chair for the family room (the one that is sitting there is on loan from our bedroom)
makeover chair if needed

9. Move furniture in dining room
10. Rehang pictures after furniture is moved

11. Move all the fabric in these boxes upstairs and sort through ( you can read about the fabric here)
12.  Move cubbies upstairs
13. Build onto cubbies and cover with fabric

14. Make new slipcovers for 4 parson chairs
15. Make a real tablecloth for dining room table that actually fits

16. Restyle my sad china cabinet
17. Build and hang 4 shelves around china cabinet
18. Style shelves
19. Find a large frame and paint for the top of the china cabinet

20. Replace the fabric behind the cutouts in the piano

21. Refinish my Goodwill $13 (total score) coffee table

22. Paint legs on stool
23.  Recover stool

24. Patch walls and touch up paint
25. Clean and wax wood floors
26.  Buy extension cords for lamps
27. Decorate top of cubbie cabinet

and these last two will be done first thing
28.  Dust Top to Bottom!

29.  Replace Burnt Out Light Bulbs!

I know that is a
Huge List
but remember it is my goal to get any 10 of these things done and not get hung up on what I can't do.

Do you have your list ready?
If so grab the button and link up your list so we can encourage each other.

Ten Tasks

Are you ready for the best part?  I will be giving away a one year subscription to my favorite magazine
Country Living.  All you have to do to be entered in the giveaway is link up your list.  So hurry and link up so my list is not lonely.  The winner will be announced next Friday when we meet back to show our progress at the halfway point.

I will be organizing my Pinterest boards today- you can come see my inspiration for these rooms.  If you are not a member yet of Pinterest send me and email ( ) and I will send you an invitation.  Also if you want sneak peeks and some behind the scene stuff like me on facebook, I will be updating all week.

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nest of posies said...

you are killing me with your list! i mean, even if you did one thing - it's major! you go girl! anxious to see what you do to your entertainment center & the color you pick. smart idea to paint it.

i also can't wait to see that room complete in your new decor & all. i know it will be wonderful.

ok, off to work i go...with a paint brush in hand.


Heidiopia said...

My gosh, your list is impressive, Cha Cha!! In ten days?? You go, girl!
Mine isn't nearly as ambitious, but I'm looking forward to crossing off a few (er, ten) things. :)

Mimi said...

What a great idea! Wish I'd made the list at the beginning of my days off. Let me see what I can get done. 11 things on my list so far. Thanks

Anna said...

I love your antique spindles on your shelf!! I have several piled together in an old egg carrying basket.

I am very inspired by your list and I like that you took pictures. I want to do the same and take the pics with me as I go hunting down the materials I need.

Ches said...

Wow that is some list, I like your time frame of ten days and ten projects. I have soooo many projects I want to do, but for some reason I stay sidetracked. thanks for stopping by my blog today.

The Pennington Point said...

Wow. Your list is a BIG one! I can't participate this time, but I am really looking forward to watching you and Kellie...I'll be your cheerleader. Go Cha Cha Go! :) Lisa~

Tonia @ said...

Okay...WOW...that is a big list! My list of 10 things to get done is probably as big but if I'm realistic, I probably won't get much done.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! I've got my post ready for tomorrow & then I'll link up.



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