Monday, August 15, 2011

The First Day of School

Today was the day!
Our first day of school.  We have been preparing for this day for a couple of weeks,  cleaning the desk, switching last years books for shiny new ones, making schedules and today it was finally our day.  I love being a homeschool mom.  I love that it is me who gets to watch there eyes open wide when they learn something new, I even love the hard moments (love not like) because those victories  are so sweet to watch.   We celebrated our first day with a special waffle dinner.  In the morning we will be up bright and early and go to our homeschool "school"  we attend a school one day a week with about 1,000 other homeschool students.  Yes I did mean to type 1,000 isn't that amazing.  The girls are excited to see their friends and teachers.  Grace my 12 year old will be taking Ballet, Chemistry, Grammar, Literature, Movie Making and she will assist in an American Girl class.  Faith my 8 year old will be taking Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Chemistry, Art, American Girl, and Ukulele.  They should have a very fun year.  I will be teaching a class called Growing Girls In Grace and will sharing more about my class in the next few weeks.  So if you ever wonder what we are doing on Tuesday - now you know. 

Let's move on to the pretty pictures!  

Our Homeschool sign, I will be sharing more about it later this week.

Sister Love
My favorite sound in our house is the two of you giggling together, it brings a smile to my face everytime.
As I am writing this I can hear the giggles coming from the bedroom as you have one of your regular spend the night partys together.  Always remember to giggle together.

Grace, how is it that you are this grown up?  Every time I look at you I am just blown away.  You are a beautiful girl but the great thing is you heart is even more beautiful.  I love that you choose to serve over play so often, God has BIG plans for you and I can't wait to see them play out.

Faith, where has my baby gone?  I love that your hands are still little girl chubby, it makes my heart melt every time I look at them.  Your desire to live life to the fullest is so cool to watch you have the passion it takes to change things.  Your passion is going to be put to great use for the kingdom of God.

I am so blessed to be a mother,
I love my life!

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Adelina Priddis said...

awe! That seriously took me back to the days with my sister. You have some beautiful girls. Have fun this year. I am very excited to see all you do at home with your girls.

Kat said...

Sweetness!Your girls are precious and they are so blessed to have you as their Mama!

Flamingo said...

good gravy your daughters are gorgeous! 1000 kids? that's awesome!!

Kristi said...

Congrats on a new school year & I hope it is a fantastic one!! :)
Beautiful girls and a wonderful post!
@ Creative Kristi

The Pennington Point said...

We started this week too and it's wonderful to be back to school. I love being the one that shares their day with them. I love knowing their heart and building that relationship. They love spending the day with Mom and talking and sharing and learning.

Those pictures of the girls are beautiful! Lisa~

Theresa said...

Best of luck for a great year!

I love how you wrote to your girls on here. So sweet. I always envision my blog as a place that my girls will look back at and see where we were , what we were doing, what I was thinking, etc.

nest of posies said...

simply beautiful. like your heart.



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