Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How To Build A Teenage Girls Wardrobe From Scratch Without Spending A Fortune Challenge

Last weekend was a scorcher here in the south and the girls and I had NO desire to go outside.
We decided to be productive while staying cool inside, we cleaned rooms and went through fall and winter clothes.  For my youngest going through clothing took over an hour. Aren't hand me downs the greatest thing.  For my oldest daughter however it took her about five minutes because this is all she had left from last year.

This sad mismatched selection of clothing.

Her favorite skirt, that is too short for her but I have a plan to make it longer.

A hand me down jacket from me.

A lavender sweater with flowers.

A floral button up that she doesn't love.

A jacket left from her Nancy Drew phase, I think it is going away.

I aqua shrug bought on clearance a few years ago.

Another aqua sweater that might be a little small by the time fall comes.

One pair of jeans.

A fancy purple skirt.

And finally a velvet brown jacket.

Our goal is to find clothes to add to these and end up with a classic teenage wardrobe without spending very much money.  We will be doing lots of thrift and consignment store shoping and filling in what we can't find with sale items.
Our budget is $150
with that money we need to buy
jeans 4 or more
dress pants 2 or more
skirts and or dress for church 4-5
tops for all of the bottoms
and a few outfits of comfy sweatsuits
shoes and accessories.

It will be a challenge but we are up for it.
Check back next week to see how we are doing.

Anybody want to join in with us and see what they can find?

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Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Well...mine started back to school on Monday so we have officially finished our challenge! :) I found a GREAT second hand clothing store that only stocks name brand teen clothes. It was amazing!! We will definitely be going back there!! I am a thrift store / second hand store junkie so I generally pick up a few items here and there and it ends up all working together. My kids wear uniforms to school so there is really no arguement on school clothes. Blue or white polo is the only question. :) Target is also a great source for clearance clothes IMO. We got underclothes there this year plus some other things. Their shoe clearance is also amazing!! For dress shoes or sandals. I did get all of them a new pair of shoes (everyday tennis shoes). I am a firm believer in name brand shoes and generally buy them brand new. I feel it is a good investment. TJ Maxx or Ross is where the oldest gets dresses. She got 4 dresses and a pair of shoes for her senior pictures for under $60. I call that a bargain! That is also where her prom dress came from at $22! :)

Cherished Treasures said...

Funny you would post this today !!! LOL

We just got back from shopping for my grandaughter that starts her freshman year of high school next week. We went to TJ Max and got 4 outfits and a really nice large tote for her to carry for a book bag. $150 for all. of course the bag was $50 originally $119.

Then we went to lunch. The restaurant we ate at was near the Goodwill store that I sometimes stop in. I suggested we take a look at the clothes.

She picked out a whole buggy full. Tried them all on and whittled down her selection to a mere 21 pieces. 8 pants and 13 tops. All for just $100. The great thing is her younger sister is about the same size so she will share with her. Both are all set for school now.

I believe I have a thrift store convert !!! LOL

The Pennington Point said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how you do. We never just go out and get seasonal clothes all at once. We just get a thing here and there as we need it. Lisa~

Heidiopia said...

What an awesome and timely project, Cha Cha! Can't wait to see what your creative mind and thrifting ways will come up with!
Heidi @ Show Some Decor


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