Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well here we are at Part 4 of this fun series, if you missed the other parts you can read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.  This past week we stopped in Goodwill for a few minutes and found some great finds. 

 I am not sure if you can tell from the picture but this skirt is made from the softest suede.

We only found these 3 items but we were also pickier because we have already found so much.  Then we got the most amazing blessing, two different friends passed us down some clothes that they were no longer wearing.  Below is what we were gifted.  Grace and I had so much fun going through the clothes and are very thankful for them.  I do have to say that the girls these clothes came from are big (read older) girls and I have still been stuck with the idea that I have little girls, well let me tell you my eyes were opened.  My girl is no longer little and I am so enjoying the young lady she is becoming but it is going by to fast.

At this point we only have a few very specific items left that we need. We will be looking for them this week and hope to have all of our outfit ready for a Fashion Show next week.

This week we spent $18.00
for a total of $61.50 out of our $150 budget.  Since we were gifted so many nice things we are lowering our budget to $100.

Have you found anything great for a thrifty price lately?

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Rachel said...

Lots of cute clothes at great prices - especially FREE! :)

Jane said...

I have absolutely been blown away by the success of your wardrobe-building endeavors! All my kiddos are grown, but it almost makes me want to chuck everything out of my own closet and go thrifting. Great job!!!

Susan S said...

I LOVE thriftstoring. If you have a little imagination you can come up with some delightful finds!


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