Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sentimental Sunday #33, A new direction for my blog

Welcome to Sentimental Sunday, my favorite day of the week. The day we all gather together and share what we are sentimental about. It can be anything from an item in your home passed down by a special someone or just a few sweet words about something that has touched your heart this week, the goal is to take a moment and reflect.

I have decided to be sentimental about this little corner of the online world that I enjoy. 
Almost two years ago when I decided to start this blog it was on a whim, what else does one do when then are about to meet Ree in person (read about it here  ), today I cherish this space.
It was fun to write about meeting Ree and Christmas was just around the corner so why not show off my home all dressed up.  Then we were redoing the girls rooms so it was a great place to document the process.

Hubby and I have lived in two house before this one and have done many DIY projects on both but never documented the process, suddenly with this blog we had the perfect place to keep up with all that we do.  I love that we have a place to tell that story and that our grand kids will be able to look back at it. During all of this I seemed to have fallen into the "you must have a niche" to blog trap.  I became a DIY/CRAFT blog.  I enjoy each of these things but they are only a tiny part of our lives.  I want this blog to be a reflection of our whole lives.  I started to realize there needed to be a change when Sentimental Sunday started to be the only post I enjoyed writing because it was something that came naturally to me.  I was starting to find my voice in those post.
Then I started my shop and I loved making items that touched peoples hearts and it started to become clear that I my blog was changing.
I was becoming

The Heartfelt Home

So in a brainstorming session with Gina we/she came up with the new name.  I rushed to buy the .com without thinking through what would change immediately here.  After 2 hours on the phone  with Go Daddy and Enom (those poor guys were wishing they had not been the ones to answer my phone call!) I was finally directing correctly, Gina made me a new header quick so it would make sense and I got busy securing all other social media in this new name and started my mental plan of action for the future of this blog.

So that is where things stand today

Sit Relax and Read
is no longer

The Heartfelt Home
has taken it's place

Creative Kristi is working on a new blog design for me, say a prayer for her because I might drive her crazy before it is all over, haha.  Then we will begin work on my New Shop yes you heard (read, whatever....detail) me correctly.

Cha Cha's Treasures
is soon to be no longer

my new shop will be
The Heartfelt Home
(you can click on the above to see the new shop)
Easy to remember, huh?

For the next few days you can still shop Cha Cha's Treasures, you can even get 30% off by using the coupon code moving.  I am slowly moving items over to the new shop and will be adding a new line of vintage inspired kitchen products and a few true vintage finds.

Where else can you now find me


BTW this is my favorite form of social media,
come follow me and lets chat.

you can like my page
The Heartfelt Home
this is a great place to get sneak peeks to upcoming post,
some behind the scenes action and
some random things in our lives.
It is also a great place for us to talk back and forth about projects.

Heartfelt Home
This is the place to see what inspires me and my projects.

So are you asking yourself what all of this means for the future of this blog?  Probably not but I will tell you anyway!
-There will still be plenty of DIY projects because we still have plenty to do.
-Sentimental Sunday will still be here and have a renewed energy behind it, sorry to all of you who I have left hanging the last few weeks.
-I will be sharing about homeschooling and the homeschool class I teach.  I would appreciate it if any of you who homeschool could share some link parties with me, I would love to meet more homeschool bloggers.
-I hope to write about my faith more, this one frightens me because of my inadequacies but all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.
-I still love to cook and want to be more consistent about sharing recipes and products I love.
-There is also a side of me that I have never talked about on this blog-a secret-
I have a cute little framed piece of paper that says I have permission to do hair in the state of Georgia.  Are you shocked or had you guessed?  The comments and emails I get the most of when there is a picture of me on here is about my hair.  Well.....
guess what ladies?
I am going to start sharing some "hows" with you!
-There will be plenty of crafts
-And don't worry I will also continue to be thrifty because lets face it I am cheap.

So what do you think?
I would love to have your thoughts and which subjects you prefer me to ramble about.

Thanks for supporting me and my family in this online adventure.

So what a you sentimental about this week?
Grab the button below and link up.

Sit Relax and Read


Sit Relax and Read


Stacy of KSW said...

Cha Cha, I am so happy for you and excited for what is to come here at The Heartfelt Home. It really is the perfect name for you and I love any chance i get to know you better and to have you speaking from the heart about things you love is just the icing on the cake!

I've struggled with finding my voice and never fitting in to any blog niches myself. It's an ever changing process I guess, I feel as if I am getting closer to my true self too but would also like to incorporate some areas I feel passionately about. For some reasons, those are the hards one for me too. Afraid if I put my heart out there it may get stepped on or smashed. I find it's easier to do when I am talking to friends and having readers who ARE your friends is awesome.

Here to be your cheerleading friend anytime you need one! Big Hugs sweetie, happy Sentimental Sunday :)

Michele said...

I noticed that you were making some changes around the place :) I think it's great! Blogging is a process. Some bloggers have such clear direction. It's taken me a while to figure out what works for me. I was so thankful when you started Sentimenal Sunday because it was the perfect outlet to share the special things in my home and memories that I hold dear. I've been a little bit of a Sentimenal Sunday slacker, but it's still one of my favorite things to write about. It comes naturally, from the heart. Thank you for sharing with us. You are an inspiration.

Much love, Michele

Adelina Priddis said...

I think this is very exciting! And I have been curious ever since the title changed here what it was all about!!

The Pennington Point said...

This is such a great post! Your heart shines through and I LOVE the new name. I am so glad you started blogging two years ago so we could meet and I can now call you my REAL friend! I'm looking forward to watching the transformation! Lisa~

Heidiopia said...

Congrats, Cha Cha!! So exciting ~ blogging is a journey, I've found, so... onward! :)
Be blessed my friend!

Laryssa Herbert said...

How exciting! It's wonderful when the Lord directs our steps!


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