Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Makeover a Lampshade

A few weekends ago Hubby and I got to sneak away and enjoy some kid free time = BLISS.  The man still makes my heart melt, oh that is not what we are here to talk about, sorry.  While out Junkin'  I found the perfect lampshade and by perfect I mean a beautiful shape but a little beat up and dirt cheap.  It was perfect for me though because I have been looking for the perfect shade to do a little DIY magic on.  You see I have had a vision of a modern glam floating around in my head for months but I could not find a shade to try it on, either they were new and $$$$ or crazy shapes  but this one was perfect.  To get start I grabbed a can of gold metallic spray paint and headed for the front yard because that is where all classy people do their spray painting.
I spray painted the inside of the shade and I was sooooooo happy with what I saw I went inside and grab another shade to do the same thing to.
The second shade took a few extra coats of paint due to the design on the inside.
Once the paint dried I brought them inside and the next part of the fun began!!!! 
I covered the outside of the shades with a cream silk fabric, it was very easy just spray a little adhesive to the shade and turn.

Spray, turn, spray, turn you get the idea.
Once to entire shade was covered I took a razor knife and trimmed the edges of the fabric (not my finger-thank goodness).
Folded the edge under and glued it down.

For the top and bottom edge I use bias tape to add a pop of color and interest.
I simply glued it on using the fold as my guide.
I did the other shade the same way.
I am having a hard time showing you much of this lamp without revealing another project that is still in the works.

But here is the first lamp in all of its modern glam.
Lamp 1
Is she not beautiful?  I love her!
qqq4 lamp
The gold peeking out is just perfection
qqq5 lamp
and the glow, well the glow is just the best thing.
I am so happy that I have awesome lamps to keep my newly made over sofa company.

Cha Cha


SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

They turned out great! I love the idea of painting the inside. :)

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

So glad you posted this project, Charity!! I love the way these turned out-- I have some fabric just waiting to cover a lamp shade and now am inspired. :)
Happy Thursday, friend!

See Jamie blog said...

I need to do this with a few of mine. I can NEVER find exactly the right lamp shade!!!

Adelina Priddis said...

That turned out nice!!

Ryan said...

Very nice! You did a great job.

Between You and Me said...

love how your lamps turned out....
dressing my boring lamps up is on the list....
maybe this summer when I have more time...

The Mustard Seed said...

This turned out really really cute!

Designs by Shell said...

Fabulous job... looks great!

Stay Sew Creative said...

I have a beat up shade that I need to makeover, too. I may just do this, because I'm having an awful time finding a shade that complements the lamp. Thanks for the post!

CreationsForEleanor said...

Love them! I spray paint in the front yard...until my husband politely insisted I more to behind the garage!

Sherry said...

That is really gorgeous! I have a several lamp shades that need a re-do! I'm so glad I found you.
Now following!!!
Sherry's Bees Nest

Susie from Bienvenue said...


KAT said...

lovely The glow is the best part

andieclark said...

I love what you did to those lamps! It's so cool and I think it looks so wonderful at night. I think you can even re-design LED vehicle lights because of your creativity.

Mary Walker said...

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