Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Baby Girl

Our baby turned 9 this week, I can not believe how fast the time has gone.
Baby Girl you are so precious to our family.  You bring silliness and fun to everyday.
You are an excellent little sister
and daughter.  You desire everything to be right in our family, and work hard for restoration when there is strife. You love our home more than any place you have ever been and are always ready to return to it.
You are a loving friend and care deeply for each of the friends God has blessed you with. You have the strongest will I have ever met and can not wait to see how God uses it in your future.  Your passion for things your love is know by all around you.  No dream is too big for you, you have God sized dreams and know that mountains can be moved.  You love all of God’s creatures and desire to help them all.  The horse is still by far your favorite.  “This phase” your dad and I were sure you would grow out of has only grown.  Your room is currently covered in pictures of horses and plastic toy horses.
Even though this was not a horse party, you still found a way to incorporate them.
Your friends know you well and gave you lots of horse gifts.
The poor horses tail caught on fire as we sang to you.
Lucky for us, it went out as quickly as it caught on fire.
You loved your party, playing with friends, and each of your gifts but what you haven’t stopped talking about is this saddle.
It is a beautiful western saddle that daddy is going to make into a stool for you room.
I know you wish it came with a horse,
but that will have to wait for now.
See you can not even take your eyes off of the saddle to have your picture taken.
We love you baby girl and are so proud of the lady you are becoming.
Mommy and Daddy


paige said...

happy horse loving birthdays to your sweet girl...your mini-me!!

Michele said...

What a wide variety of horse gifts!! Beautiful pictures of the birthday girl!!

Our Country Bungalow said...

Cute cute cute!
And the grown-up dangly earrings! A milestone birthday. :-)

nest of posies said...

happy happy birthday to your horse loving girl!!!

so so precious, cha cha! she looks just like you! both of your girls are just beautiful.

love & miss you!


Michele said...

I'm taking notes on all of your precious daughter's fabulous gifts; my daughter is a horse lover as well. Don't you get so excited when those Amazon boxes arrive? ;)

Cha Cha, your family is beautiful, your home is lovely, and you are blessed beyond measure.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

xoxo michele

Leslie said...

What a wonderful day and a blessing it is to celebrate your baby girl's life! She is lovely. Just like you.
Love, me

Made In The South said...

Happy Birthday!!!

What a beautiful post you wrote for your daughter. She is just beautiful. I loved the picture of the three of ya'll.
Sorry to laugh, but I loved the look on her face when the horses tail was on fire.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead,

Cha Cha said...


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