Monday, June 4, 2012


The other day I commented on this picture by my friend Sibi
My comment was:
How is it you make the most simple things stunning.  Glad I am your friend and I can feel stunning when near you.

If you don’t know I am NOT the type of person who leaves comments,  I do NOT often feel I have anything of value to add to what is already there.  This picture was different, it captured my attention and held it.  I looked at it searching, searching out every detail.  The longer I stared at it the more my heart was captivated.  These are simple things, alone they would not be impressive but together they are stunning.


Sibi has a gift for making everything around her beautiful.  I have been a guest in her home, I have attended an event she has put together, and I have spent countless hours on the phone with her and after each I feel more beautiful.

Do you have friends who make you feel more beautiful?  

- Friends who will fuss and fluff until you are more beautiful
- Friends who you know WILL pray when you ask
- Friends who are praying when you don’t have the strength to ask
- Friends who will not allow you to be complacent
- Friends who see more in you and for you than you dare dream.
- Friends who see God in you and are thankful for it
- Friends who push you to press into God harder
- Friends who God has used to change you

I prayed for these types of friendships for years and today I am blessed and thankful to have them.  With them in my life…….my life has become more beautiful…...STUNNING.  With them in my life I am no longer one simple girl----we are a stunning arrangement. One that God can and does use for His glory.
Thank you Sibi for once again using your gifts to add beauty to my life.  You are a blessing.
Thank you to all my friends for being a gift given from God.  For each of you I am thankful.

Cha Cha


paige said...

you're a love chacha!!
such a beautiful post

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Thank you for reminding me of another blessing!

Sibi said...

Cha Cha!

It was so good to talk to you over the phone this week!

Thank you again for such beautiful honey filled words. You are the very definition of adding beauty to someones life. Especially mine.

You bless me....a thousand times ...again and again.

Love you so,


The Mustard Seed said...

True friends are such a rare treasure. I pray for them often. And both you and Sibi are two of the sweetest bloggy people I know!


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