Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Master Bedroom

Today I thought I would share about
The Master Bedroom

My husband, Jeremy, and I have been married almost 15 years and in that time we have never put much effort into our bedroom.  When we first got married we tried to sleep in a full size bed.  When that didn’t work and we ended up in two separate bedrooms.  Jeremy’s, wise aunt and uncle offered us a king size box spring and mattress.  We rushed to pick it up and made do with some discount sheets and a comforter.  It did what we needed it to because let’s face it newlyweds should NOT be in separate rooms.  We used that box springs and mattress for about 5 years until we had enough money to get a queen size bed.  It is the bed in the pictures below.  I bought a bed in a bag set for the bed and called it a day… we had two little kids under foot and not much time to worry about anything but them.  Fast forward a few years and we moved into the house we live in now.  I was overwhelmed by all that I wanted to do in every room, I hung some drapes and started to work on the rooms that everyone would see.  Through the years our bedroom became the dumping ground for all things without a home.  So here we are today almost 15 years later with a unfinished bedroom with lots of clutter and mess.  I know our story is not much different from many of you, that is why I told it.  We all worry about the rooms that the world sees but we, wives, need to worry about the room that is just for us and the love of our lives.  This room is where we let our guard down, where we give love and receive love like no where else, it should be

I recently decided that was what I was going to do, make our room special.
I started by removing all of the mess and clutter, then studied the room,
I made a list of all that needed to happen in the room, started a Pinterest board for styles and ideas that I like, and really tried to think about what my husband would like.
My husband and I are opposites , he is very practical and I think the more drama the better.
With all of this in mind, I started work on the room.
I this is what I ended up with.






There are still a few things that I want to do…
Even without those things done
I Love It
and it is

The perfect mix of practical and drama, just like me and my man.
Now it is time to light a candle and tell him how much I love him.
With some thought, effort, and a little money you can have a special bedroom too.
Now go get busy.
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Connie said...

Last night I was in bed with my Nook scanning the blogs when I came across your post. I find my Nook not so easy to type on so I wanted to get back to you this morning on my computer and let you know how impressed I am with your bedroom. You've done a wonderful job and I thought you'd maybe had professional help. The windows are beautiful and I love the navy blue accent wall. You can be proud. It looks fabulous!

Hilary Jepsen Franks said...

Wow! You have such a gift! It really looks straight out of a magazine, minus the sterile part. A perfectly balanced combo of styles. I hope your husband appreciates it.

Pamela said...

You sure did make it special. I agree our bedrooms should be a place we want to be. Love your windows, too!

Jassica Mody said...

Absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to put a beautiful Decorating ideas, thank you :)

Jassica Mody said...

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