Friday, May 3, 2013

Growing Girls in Grace, book 1

Good Morning!
I am getting ready to pack my car and head to the church to get my booth set up for
I am excited to see all the God has planned today, for myself and for every lady coming.
It is going to be a great day.
Before, I pack up and leave I wanted to let you in on some exciting news.
I have written an ebook!!!!!!!!!
The book is called
Growing Girls in Grace
Growing Girls in Grace is a perfect way to for mother and daughter to connect
over God's word and crafts. Included in this book is a Bible Memory Verse
Card and detailed craft tutorial for each month of the year. Each month
focuses on a different Biblical principle vital to girls of all ages to learn. Start
the month by introducing the memory verse card and end each month
discussing the verses and doing the craft together. Use the monthly
conversation starters to aid you as you teach your daughter the corresponding
Biblical principle.

ebook Cover
Writing this book has been on my heart for several years but the timing was never right. 
Until, God put all the pieces and people into place and allowed it to come together in record time, in a way that was and is so clearly Him.
I am blown away by all of the support and encouragement He has brought to me and others through this adventure and can not wait to see what He does next with it.
For now, I am offering it only from my blog. If you are interested, send me an email @ for more info.

As a mom of three girls, I cannot recommend Growing Girls in Grace enough. In this world, today, it is more important than ever to equip our young ladies with God’s word and the tools they need to grow into Godly women. Charity has perfectly captured a way for moms to connect with their daughter’s through great conversation starters, relevant Bible verses, and fun crafts. The crafts require minimum materials and are explained in great, easy to follow steps. They are also crafts that you will be thrilled to use in your home. A year spent with Growing Girls in Grace will be a wonderful time of growth for you and your daughter(s). 
Kelly Lorenzen
Looking for some help to creatively and intentionally foster a love for God's Word in your daughter while also bonding with her? This ebook is filled with step by step directions to guide you as you connect with your daughter in discussions of the Bible and how it practically applies to real life. The hands-on crafts will surely make a mark on your daughter! She will take these lessons with her into life! You will be making priceless memories for both of you! Use this book if you want to encourage your daughters relationship with the Lord and with you in truly meaningful ways.
Kristy Dorminy
What a delightful book! It is vital that mothers and daughters spend time together and cultivate a healthy relationship. This book is full of the sweetest ways to do that. Cha Cha’s heart for her own daughters shines through the ideas and makes me want to grab my girls, sit down at the kitchen table and talk. Her clever and easy going combination of working with your hands, using your creativity, sharing your inner thoughts and adding Scripture is an inspiration! I pray that all moms can catch the vision of spending this kind of quality time with their daughters, creating a bond that will last a lifetime. And in the process have a fun takeaway craft that will be a charming reminder of the time they spent together. Best of all, she beautifully points to Christ through this precious mother-daughter time. You will be blessed by this book.
Lisa Pennington
Author of The Pennington Point and women’s group speaker


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh Cha Cha I am so happy for you and your new Ebook! I must find time to read it soon. Much love, Susie

momsbkjb said...

I bought this today! I couldn't wait to download it when I got home. My girls and I both looked at it and we are all very excited to begin!!! I am looking forward in growing with my girls. Thank you for your work in wanting to grow girls in grace!!!

Bo & Rebecca Causey said...

Cha Cha may or may not know this, but I look to her as a wonderful example of what a Christian mother should be and I admire her very much. It is so easy to see the close relationship she has with her own daughters and the love for the Lord Cha Cha is fostering in their hearts. I am super excited to start this book and so are both of my girls! Thank you SO much - Rebecca Causey


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