Thursday, May 2, 2013

To God Be All Glory

Tomorrow at this time I will be packing my car to overflowing and checking and rechecking a list that I have been working on for weeks now.  So what am I doing, you ask.
Vacation… NOPE!
  Even BETTER!

I am following God’s call, stepping out in faith, jumping heart first out of the safe into that place where only God knows what will happen next.
The truth is I have been taking steps toward the edge for the last few weeks but tomorrow many other people will know about it.  Those people will be able to judge my leap of faith as either a success or a failure.  My faith will be watched and scrutinized but I am ready and I already know the answer to all of this.

It will be a success because it is God and no matter what it looks like to our earthly eyes God has ways and plans that are not like ours.

with tip toeing around the what.  Here goes.
Tomorrow I will start selling my Bible Memory Verse Pillows again.  To some of you this means nothing but to those of you who have been here long enough you may remember them and the struggle I had with them..
For those of you who are new they are basically a decorative pillow, for your kids, with a pocket on the front to store Bible Memory Verse Cards in.
I had made many and tried to sell them a few years ago but did not have any real success, if you count selling them as success. I felt like a failure and was pretty beat up over the whole thing, I knew that God had planted the idea in my heart but I did not know what to do with it.  I put the idea and my inventory on the self for the last few years and would occasionally find the tote that they were stored in and pray and ask God what to do.  I never had a peace about doing anything so back on the shelf they would go and some days this was easy and some days there was still heartbreak and confusion.
Then one day, not too long ago
God said it was time.
Time to bring them off the shelf
Time to expose my heart and faith
Time to jump

Here I am today,
Telling you that I am jumping!
I am jumping without fear and hesitation because this time…
This time,
I do not care what the earthly success looks like.  I have already seen God’s glory exposed and talked about through the whole process. Since it is my only goal to allow God’s glory to shine then if not one pillow sells it is still a success  and I am still full of joy.
God has use the pillows to spur other ideas, ideas that are fully His.
Ideas that have brought me to my knees with tears of joy to have a glimpse of His heart and for Him to trust me to move forward with this.

Today I want to say,
Thank You
for every good and perfect gift,
be all glory and honor.


I will be selling at The Johnny Hunt Women's Conference on Friday and Saturday if you are going to be there please stop by my booth and say hi.
If you are interested in purchasing a pillow or just want more info send me an email @
Come back tomorrow to see one of the other ideas God has entrusted to me.

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Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I'm so thrilled for you, Charity! I hope you'll hear me cheering all the way here in Marietta. God is so good!
Miss u!
xo Heidi


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