10 Best Outdoor Storage Ideas for Your Backyard

Besides the interior space, the backyard area needs to be arranged and decorated. There are a lot of
outdoor storage ideas that can help you to organize and store your stuff. So, you can keep the pool
cleaning equipment, landscaping tool, kids’ toys, and gardening materials.

No need to buy a new one, you can have some unique and customizable furniture to tackle a multitude
of outdoor situations. It’s like a DIY project that could be done in a single weekend and designed it to fit
whatever needs.

For those who want to arrange the backyard, here are some wonderful DIY outdoor storage ideas that
will transform it into an organized and clutter-free space.

Creative DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas

Creative DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas
A creative mind is needed when it comes to organizing the backyard. Here is the list of outdoor storage
ideas that easy to follow.


1. Bench Outdoor Storage Ideas

Bench Outdoor Storage Ideas

You can repurpose a narrow bookcase and turn it into an outdoor wood storage bench. Just gather
some fabric, foam, and a can of paint to make a unique dual-purpose seating area in the backyard.
Fill the cubbies on the bench with books, blankets, cushions, towels, planters, or even baskets of
gardening tools. So, the storage will remain functional.


2. Bike Storage Shack

Bike Storage Shack

Bikes probably can take up so much room in a garage. But as seen, there are excellent and clever ways
to store them. This shed storage ideas not only provides storage for your cycling stuff but also includes a
little space for planting on top.


3. Outdoor Coffee Table

Outdoor Coffee Table
These outdoor storage ideas are made from crates that can be a practical DIY project. The full process
also easy to follow for those who want to make one on the weekend.

All you have to do is gather a few wooden crates. Try to find them at the local winery or farmer’s
market. Next, paint that wooden crate. Attach them to plywood in the form of a rectangle.
Add caster wheels for finishing touch. Now, you have a portable and rustic look coffee table. Don’t
forget to fill the storage with air-purifying houseplants, books, and bar essentials.


4. Tool Sheds

Tool Sheds

Tool sheds are a convenient and efficient way to store the gardening equipment to spruce up the
backyard like landscaping tools, lawnmowers, hoses, and planters. These outdoor storage ideas often
feature a smart design on the inside.

Try to make a few basic changes to upgrade the storage by tearing out bulky shelves. Next, place an S-
hook, tool handle, and gruntle trail which can carry little planting devices. You can hang a sturdy bin or
add wall hooks to store items like plant sprayer and fertilizer.


5. Outdoor Buffet Cabinet

Outdoor Buffet Cabinet

Every person might have a variety of different storage needs depending on the backyard setup,
personality, and even weekend routine. You may store gravel, shovels, extra terra cotta pots, kids’ toys,
pool tools, and party necessities.

As seen, this particular DIY storage cabinet is an excellent choice for keeping banquets, lunches, even
gaming equipment. It can hold everything from glassware to candle lantern, while the buffet top serves
as a minibar.


6. Pallet Pool Storage

Pallet Pool Storage

Pool toys are some of the worst offenders that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them
difficult to store and cluttered the backyard.

A basic wood pallet can be an alternative for waterproof outdoor storage. Merely put some pins on the
exterior to contain pool facilities.


7. Garden Tool Organizer

Garden Tool Organizer

If you have a wooden plank from your last DIY outdoor storage ideas project, try to give it a new touch
as a simple garden tool organizer.

No need to buy one, just repurpose an old coat rack, longboard, or hockey stick to add a more
interesting look.


8. Firewood Cart

Firewood Cart

Mountain dwellers and cabin owners probably know how a basic firewood supply can stack up and take
over the entire patio, deck, or garage. You can construct a stylish and ultra-practical rolling cart as
outdoor storage ideas.

It will help you to maximize the outdoor space and keep the logs organized. Because it’s movable, simply
slide the woodpile anywhere you needed.


9. Potting Station

Potting Station
You can bring used armoire, cabinet, or bookcase to the backyard and turn it into interesting outdoor
storage ideas. Start to gives a good scrub and a fresh coat of paint during the process.

Then, when it is ready, you can keep your landscaping utensils in it. You can also use cupboards and
shelves to hold pesticides, bags of soil, or even extra pots.


10. Outdoor Storage Bench

Outdoor Storage Bench

This outdoor storage ideas contain a dual-purpose item that holds up to harsh weather, saves space, and
looks great among the patio furniture.

You can use it to store pillows, towels, blankets, games, and pool toys. Moreover, you also able to use it
as a counter or beverage keeper.

How to Build a Storage Cabinet

How to Build a Storage Cabinet

You can build those outdoor storage ideas using waterproof plywood. It is affordable and also fit for
outside basic designs. You can make it in any size to store any items that needed.
Here are some essential steps on how to build a storage cabinet.

Place the Plywood

Place the Plywood

Firstly, place both of the plywood pieces in 3/4-by-14-by-60-inch sizes on their edges parallel to each
other. Then, implement watertight mastic adhesive to the two 3/4-by-14-by-22 ½-inch board on the 14-
inch sides.

Put the planks within the two larger boards, then spray both the tip and base. Next, ignite 1 ½-inch
staple within its surfaces to create the square appearance of the chest. Make sure to do it three inched


Applying Glue

Applying Glue

The next step to build an outdoor storage cabinet is applying glue to the edges of the rectangle. Place
the plywood on it and flush it on all sides. After that, staples within it approximately 3/8 inch of the
border and interval at six inches.

Do the same process by turning the box over facing up. Lay it level on the tail of the chest, each at the
bottom and the top. Then, staples at random within them.

Put the Adjustable Shelf Standards and Sand It

Put the Adjustable Shelf Standards and Sand It

Stand the cabinet upright and two adjustable shelf standards on each bottom part side vertically. There
will be a one-inch gap from the front and back. Then, screw them using a drill or driver to create the

Sand the surface of the chest. Then, shape all the edges evenly by a hand-sanding block with 100-grit
sandpaper. Do the process on the other plywood parts, like the shelves and doors.

After that, lay the cabinet on its back to place some pieces of plywood. Try to flush them on all four
sides so it will meet in the middle.


Attach the Piano Hinge

Attach the Piano Hinge

Next, place a piano hinge on each edge of the door and screw them to the side of the doors. You can use
3/4-inch screws and a drill or driver on this process to make these outdoor storage ideas.

Hit the material with a hammer for 3/4-inch steel floor glides on the bottom part of the cabinet and one
inch from each corner. After the process, stand them upright.

Finally, put 3/8-inch iron rack supports to the adaptable standards by loosening the openings. Attach
them on opposing sides and match the numbered slots to get the level. Insert the plywood into the
cabinet and place one on top of each set of them.

Next, shut the openings to install a lock in the center on one of its sides. Put the corresponding metal
loop on the other one, screw both pieces to make the outdoor storage cabinets with shelves locked.


Tips to Winterize and Protect the Outdoor Furniture

Tips to Winterize and Protect the Outdoor Furniture

You’ll need to winterize the patio and make sure to protect the furniture properly from the elements
when living in a cold or wet winter climate area.

Just follow these simple steps to safeguard your outdoor storage ideas space during the months.



The first step in preparing the outdoor furniture for the winter is to clean it properly. Dirt, moisture, and
debris that left on the patio can lead to mildew and mold growth. So, you must ensure that the furniture
dries thoroughly before saving them.

You can clean the outdoor closet that is made from wrought iron, wicker, or plastic using a brush or
sponge with soapy water. Next, flush it and wait until it dries. Meanwhile, you should follow the
manufacturer’s care instructions for wood patio furniture.

It might ruin the furniture or void the warranty if you apply the wrong stain, detergent, or cleaning
method. Just wipe down with a damp cloth for painted or whitewashed wood items. Always remember
to avoid scrubbing or hosing in these methods.

Saving upholstered items like pillows, parasols, and picnic carpets were essentials to enhance its
endurance. It is required to do dusting and air drying.

Practically you must avoid doing anything that can make those items gets damp quickly. Besides, it’s a
great time to deep clean before putting them into storage.

A pressure washer can also work to clean the furniture, especially on dingy outdoor cushions and pillow.
You should allow everything to dry completely after washing it.




Treating furnishings that sit outside is an important thing to do. It all depends on their materials. Therefore, do not hesitate to get some advice on how to treat each furnishings from experts.

After a thorough wash, you can treat outdoor textiles, like cushions and pillows, with a good fabric
protector. Meanwhile, a wax coating will protect metal finishes if there are no corrosion signs.

If there is corrosion or stain in your metal pieces, just lightly sand them off and apply a coat of paint and
primer. This process will add visual appeal to the outdoor furniture.

Moreover, you can take the best care for wooden outdoor furnishings with a waterproof sealant. This
material will keep the furniture from absorbing unwanted moisture, which leads to cracks and warping.

Lastly, plastic-made furniture has one of the simplest ways to maintain. All you need to do is washing
them in warm soapy water and let it dry.




Outdoor furniture covers are must-have items for those who don’t have space to store them indoors
during the winter months. It can protect your furniture from severest climate, such as storm, snowflake,
and rainfall.

Even if you are planning to store the furniture inside of outdoor storage ideas, covers are still needed for
protection against dirt, dust, and pest. It can also be used year-round to keep the stuff clean and
prevent fading.


In-Season Furniture Care

In-Season Furniture Care

Keep the furniture clean, dry, and protected from excessive sunlight is the most significant aspect to do
during the summer. Generally, almost all outdoor storage ideas can handle some climates conditions.

Try to put cushions away in the shed or boxes when they’re not needed. Occasionally, put them under
the sun when it is soaked to avoid fungus and mold growth. Pat and shake it off or brush them at times.
When needed, you can apply an enzymatic spot cleaner on them.

Do not forget to collect withered leaves and branches from the furniture regularly. Spray the furniture
using a cleaner and start to scrub the surfaces with a brush. If necessary, utilize a tension water hose to
clean your outdoor area.

Saving your exterior furniture is the best method to preserve it from a severe climate. It is ideal to keep
them inside, like in a garage, shed, or basement.

Nevertheless, it’s also important to have a patio and deck covered properly. Another idea for storage is
taking your outside furnishings inside the house during the bad weather.

There you go! Hopefully, those outdoor storage ideas can give you some inspiration. No need to buy a
plank of new wood, just try to repurpose old furniture and give them a touch using stain or paint. It will
save your budget.

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