Garden Hose Storage Ideas and Smart Tips to Store Your Garden Hose

Want to organize a large backyard means having a set of gardening tools that needs some
functional space. Since it’s important, you can store your garden hose and wrangle them up in
a good way. Just keep the stuff out of sight after using it.

Stores offer a selection of storage like wheels or boxes to keep the garden hose in. You can find
the one that fits on a budget, or even style. As an alternative, try to make them by putting your
creative side into it and add a more personalized touch.

Are you looking for garden storage options for outdoor items? Here are some options to store
your garden hose with handy DIYs steps that spark everyone’s creativity.

1. Things About Garden Hoses

Things About Garden Hoses
A hose is an essential gardening tool that must be stored and maintained properly. However, no
one wants the frustration of cracked, a leaking, or even tripping over it.

Proper maintenance can make a garden hose last for many years. Putting the hose carelessly
can be dangerous for you. It is likely to become a stumbling hazard, get run over by a mowing
machine, or even worse.

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Hose storage ideas mechanisms make it easy to put them away. A pot is a practical and
attractive way to coil and store it safely out of sight. Besides, the hanger that attaches to the
garage or the house is the well-known solution for gardening.

The idea is spreading the weight of the hose by hanging them. Moreover, you should avoid it
getting wind when hanging your garden hose on a nail. Remember, that you need to store it out
of the sun.

When you’re storing hose for the winter, do not forget to empty all the water and remove any
attachments. Open ends allow freezing contraction and expansion that can weaken its material.
After that, replace washers at the slightest sign of a drip or leak coupling. You can change it
every spring as a precaution since a dripping hose means wasting the water.


2. DIY Hose Storage Materials

Homemade reel storage won’t necessarily have the same capabilities as the one you bought in
the store. It easily creates the perfect form to store your garden hose by using junkyard or
household items. Here’s the list of the materials needed in the process.

  • Wooden Post

Wooden Post

You can create a hose stand reel with a wooden post. Just nailing in a curved piece of metal to
make sure it doesn’t fall off.


  • Metal Pail

Metal Pail

The old metal pail is important to secure the bottom of a wooden post. The inside of the
materials also acts as a storage unit to store your garden hose and gardening tools.


  • Tire Rim

Tire Rim

Lastly, you’ll also need any old tire rims that help to secure a wall or post. This material is
essential to store your garden hose and wrap around for a quick-fix reel.


3. Garden Hose Storage Ideas

Garden Hose Storage Ideas

A garden hose is a significant part of the backyard that can be an unsightly clutter when left
lying on the ground. You might have tripped over it in worst cases.

Don’t worry, here’s the list of garden hose storage ideas to keep your backyard organized and


  • Garden Hose Storage Pot

Garden Hose Storage Pot

This storage pot is a great idea to store your garden hose and hide it entirely. It has a variety of
materials, shapes, and colors that fits outdoor needs. There’s a small hole to make sure that
you can easily unravel it.


  • Modern Hose Hook

Modern Hose Hook

You can create a simple and modern water hose storage by using a bracket. It is easy to
install and can be a good option for those looking for a clean look. The materials can be found
at most local hardware and garden stores.


  • Up-Cycled Tire Hose Pot

Up-Cycled Tire Hose Pot

One of the best ways to save money for the garden is by up-cycling. Try to repurposing old tires
that will give you something customizable and durable garden hose storage. However, it can
be eye-catching and bring industrial vibes to your backyard.


  • Garden Storage Bench

Garden Storage Bench
A wooden outdoor storage bench is a great option for hiding and stores your garden hose. The
materials are also easy to utilize by drilling a hole in the back.


  • Copper Drum

Copper Drum
The copper drum is pretty similar to the hose storage pot. It will add a unique and interesting
look to the garden. No need to buy new material, you might even repurpose an old small


  • Wooden Textile Spools

Wooden Textile Spools

These old textile spools can make an interesting and functional feature to store your garden
hose. Besides, it can also keep it nice and looking orderly. You can find the supplies on the flea
market and turn into excellent projects.


  • Coiled Hose Storage

Coiled Hose Storage
PVC pipe can be a great hose storage ideas that are budget-friendly. You can use this
material as a coiled hose. It’s really easy to make, just leave it as is, or customize it with paint
for a more interesting look.


  • Galvanized Metal Pail

Galvanized Metal Pail

Galvanized metal pails are useful to store your garden hose. Meanwhile, it can be a creative
solution to keep the small tools neat. This storage can also give your outdoor space a few rustic


  • Galvanized Wash Tub

Galvanized Wash Tub

You can use an old galvanized washtub as a simple option for organizing the hose. Try to drill a
hole in the bottom or keep it as to make storage even easier.


  • Mailbox Garden Storage

Mailbox Garden Storage

Installing an old mailbox will give a unique and charming touch. This one can be a great place to
store your garden hose and extra storage for other gardening tools.


  • A Convenient Wall-Mounted Whee

A Convenient Wall-Mounted Whee
This convenient wheel is designed to be mounted on a wall. There is an inlet hose that can be
connected to another one as a water source in the garden .Even though it made from solid
metal, the unit can be mounted parallel to the wall or perpendicular.


  • Durable Hose Butler with Decoration

Durable Hose Butler with Decoration

Another option to store your garden is using durable hose butler. It will not be able to wind it, but
you can easily wrap it. This storage has a decoration on the front. There’s also a keyhole
mounting system that will give it more stability.

Besides, this hose storage designed to be water-resistant since it cannot be removed from its
position easily.


  • Under Deck Storage

Under Deck Storage
Installing under deck storage might be perfect for store your garden hose and other outdoor
tools. It is a great idea how to use of otherwise unused space.


4. How to Maintain a Garden Hose

How to Maintain a Garden Hose

Knowing how to maintain a garden hose is important for maximum experience and
performance. These steps will show you the way to prepare and store the gardening tools that
will make it performs optimally and last long.


  • Secure the Washer

Secure the Washer

Firstly, you need to locate the washer before watering with a brand new garden hose.
Sometimes it may be attached to the packaging, or already inserted in the coupling.

To prevent leakage at the spigot, make sure to set it firmly into the coupling with no
deformations, gaps or nicks. Don’t forget to check the washer if you are using hose accessories.
You may do a quick check of the washer for older hoses. It could impact the seal if the washer
becomes dislodged or compressed that causing leakage. Try to replace worn washer to
increase a maximal performance.


  • Acclimatize the Hose

Acclimatize the Hose

To prevent kinking a new hose, you should uncoil it and attach an accessory on the of the piece.
After that, lay it out in a straight line while turn on the water. This step allowing it to sit under the
sun for a few minutes to acclimatize.

This process also helps the condition of the tools and allowing them to be more flexible.


  • Avoid Over-Tightening

Avoid Over-Tightening

You should attach the hose to spigot or faucet securely, and do not over-tighten. It can crush
the washer that probably causes leakage. Therefore, it is recommended to do hand tightening
for optimal force.


  • Store After Using

Store After Using
When you’re done with watering needs, make sure to store your garden hose and coil it in a
shaded area. This could gives a negative impact on its durability if it’s leaving out in the sun.
Before you’re ready to store your garden hose at the of the season, make sure to detach all
watering accessories and disconnect it from the spigot. After that, start to drain it thoroughly.


  • Winterize the Hose

Winterize the Hose

Store your garden hose in an environment that stays above freezing on the winter days. You
can put it on the garage as a good spot. It’s best to keep them indoors in a room temperature
location to maintain its flexibility and resistance to kink.


5. Tips and Trick for Hose Storage

Tips and Trick for Hose Storage

One of the easiest ways to get the longest possible life is to store your garden hose properly.
On the other side, it should also be paired with other good practice care techniques. These
simple tips and tricks will help you out with some gardening problems.


  • Selecting a Hose Reel

Selecting a Hose Reel

Hose reels are one of the best mechanisms to store your garden hose. They make it easy to roll
up after use that can minimize the occurrence of winding faux pas, like tangles and kinks.

There are several things to consider when selecting a hose reel. You should think about what
types of functionality and budget since it can get to be expensive. Meanwhile, pricing depends
on different factors, such as brand, material, and additional functionalities.

A decorative hose reel can specifically less expensive, and have lower quality since it
traditional. Hideaway or box might have similar functionality, but they can also be difficult to use
even it helps protect from the elements.

Retractable reels also protect hoses from the elements and being more convenient to put away.
It is often prone to breaking and cheaper. Other types like stationary or mounted hose are
referred to as higher-quality materials.

You can use the hose reel cart even it has more expensive because of the additional equipment
needed like wheels. However, its portability can helpful for gardens with a large area. They can
also be moved out of the elements or sun when not in use.


  • Winding and Unwinding

Winding and Unwinding

Winding the hose on a reel is easy, just simply roll it loosely, and then going slowly enough to
allow any excess water to drain out. As an option, coiling the stuff in 3-foot loops around your
arm and put it into a holder.

You should take care when unwinding it for use, make sure to gently undo it so the kinks do not
develop when it comes to storing your garden hose.


  • Using a Hose Reel Leader

Using a Hose Reel Leader

A leader hose is a shorter than average segment that designed as an extension when
necessary. It is really helpful when trying to attach to hard-to-reach spigots or water supply.

For instance, purchasing universal leader hoses can be an alternative to avoid worrying
incompatible couplings. Attach it to the reel by securing the compatible side to the spigot and
then store your garden hose properly.

That’s all the things you should know about how to store your garden hose properly. This
gardening tool can be unwieldy, kinking, and bending when left on a patio or in the yard. It can
be a great solution to keep your backyard clean, tidy, and out of the way of pedestrian traffic or
car tires.

One of the best ways to maintain the health of the hose for a long time is proper storage. There
are a lot of options that help you to store after using it. So it’s essential to choose the right place
to keep them so the tool will stay lasts as long as possible.

Creating a place to store your garden hose is a great idea to save your money instead of
buying. Just try to repurpose old items and put your creative mind to design a unique and
functional space for all of your gardening tools.

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